Hear What the ModCloth Community Had to Say About the Plus Market


 We asked our community to tell us how they’ve seen the plus market change over the past year. Here’s what they said!


Style Gallery member Olivia M.

“I have to admit, discovering ModCloth’s plus size section was the most exciting thing for me, this year. I found such cute things that perfectly matched the wardrobe I’ve been dreaming of! I’m really looking forward to seeing it grow.” — Sofia

“I think the most exciting thing has been to see non-models and bloggers used for modeling new collections. It can be really difficult to relate to a very tall model on the lowest end of the plus scale with no jiggly bits so it’s brilliant to see women with the same dimply thighs or wobbly tummy as me.” — Elena

“I love seeing a confident plus-size woman down at the shops wearing a fashionable outfit. You can tell by the way she carries herself that she loves the outfit she’s wearing — that can definitely make or break my mood! It doesn’t even have to be ‘fashionable’- as long as I have clothes that I have chosen to wear, created an outfit I feel fabulous in, that is all that matters!” — Olivia

“Most plus size girls want to be able to buy unique stylish clothing that makes them feel amazing and represents their style. It’s all about variety and it’s totes gnarly to be able to find styles I love in my size. Plus fashion segregation never, intergration now!” — Stina

“With social media, the support of the fashion blogging community, and the fact that we are proving to be a profitable market, I believe we’re becoming pretty difficult to ignore.” — Becca

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  1. Kirsten 08/29/2014 at 2:35 am #

    I was JUST looking for a place to comment on how Modcloth has taken an even larger part in my heart over the last year. As a high school girl, I “oohed and awed” over all of your clothes wishing I could squeeze into a size 12 or 14, knowing perfectly well I was closer to a size 16. Over the years, I have seen many companies attempt to create quality plus size clothing, but they all fall somewhat short of unique and quirky staples that I longed to own. The amount of unique pieces in plus sizes and the models who flaunt these outfits has been refreshing. I always loved Modcloth, and now that I can purchase items not just from the apartment section makes me squeal with joy. Thank you!

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