Thrift Store Scores Galore: It’s Thrift Shop Day

The staff here at ModCloth really knows how to pop some tags (so move over, Macklemore). We love thrift shopping not only for the thrill of the hunt for vintage treasures, but also for the rewarding feeling of supporting sustainability. This year, in observation of Thrift Shop Day, we’re showing off some of our most favorite finds. Check out these shopping tips and scores galore from some of our savvy-scavenging staff:

unnamed-1Lara found a true gem (two, actually)!
unnamedAn Enid Collins purse is a rare find, indeed.

“I absolutely love thrift shops and antique markets. Last year, I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market in San Francisco, which is full of all sorts of goodies new and old. From the island, there is such a fantastic view of the city, and you feel like a true hunter! On that trip, I found a pair of Trifari earrings and an Enid Collins bucket-style purse from the 60s with a signature cable car design. I wear them together and love how perfectly classic they are and also because they represent my love of San Francisco.”
–Lara K., Merchandise Planner

Lee doesn’t need to fish for compliments in his crewneck.
IMG_1991Cindy makes friends with fringe.

“I just enjoy going to Goodwill and the Salvation Army every two months or so. Each trip, my goal is to find one or two crewneck sweaters that have an intricate design or a classic look to them, or just look too comfy to pass up. Someday, I want to dedicate a room in my house to show off my biggest thrift store finds and call it the ‘Crewneck Sweater Hall of Fame.’ It will be kind of like a trophy room for a hunter, but instead of moose and lion heads, it will have sweaters with fish designs.”
–Lee P., Accounts Payable Specialist 

“I’ve had a severe case of full-on thrift-mania since I was a wee lass, so it’s almost impossible for me to narrow it down to one favorite find. Most recently, I rescued this amazing suede fringed jacket with the intent of reselling it, but just as I was placing it into my ‘sell’ pile, I realized I had actually fallen madly in love with it. That’s what’s so special about thrifting — you never know when true love is right around the corner.”
–Cindy Y., Senior Copy & Content Strategist

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.50.47 AMAire’s favorite find ever.
Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.51.54 AMA peek into her typical thrifting cart situation.

“My most favorite thrift store find is this dress [pictured left] that is clearly homemade, but also fits me like a glove! I was meant to find it! My tips would be to make sure you allow yourself PLENTY of time to thrift. You’ll need time to go through all the racks and to try on. Things were made and cut so differently in the past that a size small from the 60s is definitely not the same as today. Same goes for fabrics — polyester has come a long way, so just remember that as you scoop up pieces, they may not lay or wear the the same way over time. And last but not least, it’s worth having a tailor on speed dial before you thrift. You don’t want to turn away a gem just because it needs taken in or out a little, but you may not want to trust someone you’ve never worked with before on this one-of-a-kind find!”
–Aire P., Senior Fashion Press Specialist 

+What’s your favorite thrifting find?

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  1. Sarah 08/23/2015 at 6:36 pm #

    Awesome post! Thrifting is wonderful too! The joy of finding a one-of-a-kind item at a bargain is to good of a deal to pass up. I love finding true vintage skirts and dresses-it makes me feel like i’m coming right out of the era! My favorite thrift find is a (homemade) vintage-looking blue dress that has intricate, gold buttons down the front of the boddess. It is a fit and flare style and goes just below my knees. The fit is perfect and the color is amazing for pairing with other items in my wardrobe!


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