3 DIY Ways to Rock Your All-Time Favorite Toupee


Here at Story by ModCloth, we’re always pushing the envelope when it comes to cutting-edge DIY ideas, stand-out hairstyles, and unique fashion tips; it’s our forte, you could say. Our bread and butter, if you will.

And contrary to what you may think, we don’t just sit around and wait for people to deliver these ideas to us on a mid-century silver platter — we’re constantly on the hunt for the next big transformative project. So when we came across these hairpieces at the thrift store — alluringly named “The Melanie,” according to their tags – we knew what we had to do: DIY.

Today, we’ll show you three ways to turn a wilted thrift store toupee into fashion week-worthy fabulousness. What better material to work with than used human hair, right? Not only does it add terrific texture to any ensemble, but the subtle highlights in said strands reflect and refract the natural light around you, illuminating your entire outfit in follicular fabulousness. We’re giddy just thinking about it.

Check out our 3 tutorials below, and let us know your ideas for taking used locks to the next level.

Toupee-022 The 3 Most Ingenious Ways to Style Your Favorite Toupee

You’ll need:
Two toupees (try to match the cut and color)
Hot glue gun
Safety pins
Gold chain
Vintage lace


Place Your Epaulets:


Dress up a basic, boring blazer by adorning each shoulder with a matching mop of tousled tresses! Use safety pins to attach a hairpiece to each shoulder, and artfully arrange strands of gold chain in gradually widening arcs. Finish the look by affixing a few gems to the gold chain, using your hot glue gun.


I Love Shoe (Clips):

Dress up those loafers with a set of fluffy, fringy shoe clips. For these unique accessories, we simply followed these directions, substituting far more interesting materials, of course. Using your scissors, simply clip a small portion of hair from the back of your toupee, and affix it to your clip, use bows and gems to customize the look.


Glad You Ascot:

If epaulets aren’t your thing, a cravat is definitely where it’s at. We took this look one step further by transforming this menswear-style staple into a wearable necklace. Simply measure out a length of chain, and affix your vintage lace, ribbon, and gems — don’t forget the hair! — to each end, using your hot glue gun. Perfect to don for lectures and public appearances, this eye-catching adornment will be the talk of faculty meetings, blogger conferences, and grad school dissertations for years to come.


While we love a good DIY project, we can’t get enough of beauty, too (especially if it has a vintage twist). If you’re not in the mood to make, why not spruce up your look? Surprise your nearest and dearest with a ’90s-inspired throwback look, perfect for a hockey game or homecoming. Simply work some styling creme through your ends, and top your mop with a toupee.

Feeling inspired? We don’t blame you! Be sure to share your ideas for customizing these thrifted ‘dos in the comments.


UPDATE – If you haven’t guessed already… APRIL FOOLS! While we do love a distinctive DIY, we agree that the world just isn’t ready for these hair-raising projects. They sure were fun to make though!

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    Nanda Dyssou 04/01/2014 at 7:57 am #

    Haha, best one of the day so far! 😉 I will send one or two to my Girls Meetup to see their reaction, if you don’t mind. Maybe some will even want to do them. Lol

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    bahaha the best part is how this is only a shade more extreme than a few quirky DIYers out there 🙂

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    I can’t decide which to make first, the cravat or the shoe clips? Decisions, decisions… 😉

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      Us too!

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    I didn’y know how to refresh my tupee!! thanks!!!

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    OH my word. I die. SO much laughter right now. These are really creative, in a ridiculous way of course!


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