Vintage View: Tied Up in Knots

All images from How to Tie by Ginnie Johansen (Designs Inc., 1988)

Scarves add a touch of color and ton of individual style to any look, but for most of my life, I’d never thought of doing much more than tucking one around my neck. But then I found this pedagogical pamphlet on my mother’s bookshelf, and it opened up my eyes to a whole world of stylish variation. While the illustrations are unmistakeably 80s, these creative scarf styling solutions would be a fab final touch to any outfit today.

Each option includes pictures and step-by-step instructions. From simple and sleek to sophisticated and spectacular, there’s sure to be a twist that works for you!

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From the ‘Butterfly’ — my personal favorite — to the ‘Beltie Hair Bow’, you’re sure to find a scarf-tied style worth trying. Which are your favorites? — By Jamie, Customer Care Advocate

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