Fave Finds: Valentina’s First Ever Vintage Find

Who: Valentina of Valentina Duracinsky

What: Vintage floral dress

Where: “Hippie Market” in Paris

How much: 30 euros

When I use it: “Whenever! It’s an amazing dress, and it will always hold a spot in my heart as the first vintage item I ever bought. I even recorded a song while wearing the dress. My favorite picture (the header of my blog!) is one where I’m smiling and hugging my ukelele while wearing the dress. Music is my life, and this dress is now associated [with] my music!”

Shopping Tips: “Never give up! Sometimes thrifting is really frustrating. Also, think about it for at least five minutes. It’s pretty, but is it comfortable? If it’s not, are you really going to wear it? Go with what you really love. It’s what makes items special.”

DO YOU HAVE A FAVE FIND? We know you’re the cleverest vintage hunters aroun, and we want to hear the story of your Fave Find! E-mail favefinds@modcloth.com with a photo of you with your vintage find (a rare record, a retro dress, or other treasures), and answer the following: Who, What, Where, How much, When I use it, and Shopping tips!

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