Retro Revival: NYFW Designers Take a Cue from Vintage Staples

SAILOR SWIMSUITS–As always, nautical style, like ’40s-inspired swimwear, is predicted to be a fun trend for spring. Photos: Marc by Marc Jacobs via, vintage photograph viaAgent-lee.

We’ve all heard the expression “Fashion is cyclical,” but where’s the proof? If you’ve been keeping up with Spring 2012 collections, you know the idiom to be entirely true. Reinterpretations of retro style staples ran rampant at New York Fashion Week, which solidified my love for vintage even more. I compiled a few of my favorite vintage fashion photos to illustrate just how important yesterday’s styles are to today’s modern designs–check out the comparisons below and see for yourself.

Sophie Théallet via, vintage photograph viaAgent-lee.

COOL COLOR-BLOCKING–Color-blocking is a spring trend that’s here to stay, as shown by Sophie Théallet, but did you know bold color combos originated in the ’70s?

Tibi via, vintage photograph viaAgent-lee.

HAUTE HALTERS–This flattering, slimming silhouette harks back to the invasion of the mini in the mod 1960s–check of Tibi’s striking white version, pictured at right.

Edun via, vintage photograph viaAgent-lee.

PSYCHEDELIC JUMPSUITS–Sure, printed onesies may be nothing new, but Edun’s groovy pattern instantly reminded me of the ’60s photo shown above.

Rachel Comey via, vintage photograph viaAgent-lee.

WOVEN TOPPERS–I loved the slightly silly woven hats at Rachel Comey, which instantly reminded me of iconic beachwear from the ’40s and ’50s.

Are there any vintage trends you’d like to see on the runways?


3 Responses to Retro Revival: NYFW Designers Take a Cue from Vintage Staples

  1. Jo - Lost in the Haze 09/17/2011 at 1:50 pm #

    These are all so wonderful! <3 So happy to see the 1970s revival! x

  2. yoshimi 09/18/2011 at 4:00 pm #

    Holy crap. The woman in the vintage swimsuit picture isn’t rail thin! I want to see more modern models that actually have luscious thighs.

  3. Freya E 09/19/2011 at 4:46 am #

    Love, love, love seeing retro influences!! My own blog ( is purely about vintage fashion so I love seeing all the past being re-utilised for today!

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