“Volcanic Ensembles” Inspired by Pretty in Pink

Today marks the 30th anniversary of John Hughes’ iconic ’80s teen flick Pretty in Pink. The year was 1986. High school was as tough as ever. But the fashion…oh, the fashion was at an all-time high. Every ensemble worn by these colorful characters had a story to tell. Ever inspired, we asked our Senior Visual Merchandise Stylist, Leigh, to pull together some current looks that take major cues from Hughes and his cast.


Whether you’re #teamduckie or not, you can’t deny the dude had a look goin’ on.


When it came to personal style, our fashionably fearless protagonist was the epitome of originality. She saw potential in every scrap and knew how to upcycle like a pro. We think she’d love this look, comprised of a feminine floral print, edgy accessories, and subdued colors (like pink, naturally).


Electrically eclectic, Iona’s style was truly one-of-a-kind, flipping between punk and pop (and even a little prep on the QT). She was the cool chick every girl aspired to befriend, or even become. She’d look fierce and fab in this netted fascinator hat, chunky heels, and playful/punchy polka dot outfit.


Oh, Duckie. He was loyal and loving to the extreme, but we’d argue that his sartorial skills were really his best character trait. To channel his look, we went for menswear-inspired style with a little modern edge. The fitted pants and blazer matched with some awesome accessories are a good start.  But, no Duckie-inspired look is complete without the right white shoes for rocking those serious dance moves.

+ What’s your favorite 1980s flick? And, are you #TeamDuckie or #TeamBlane?


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