Picnic Plans? Here’s What to Wear—and Pack!

Springtime is tapping us all on our shoulder, and we’ve long been dreaming of the outfits we’ll wear when the warm breeze is here to stay. We’ll be the first to admit that frolicking through the soft grass and sunbeams can really work up an appetite, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of our favorite warm-weather pastimes is picnicking! So, to help prepare you for that glorious first picnic of the season, we’ve come up with a couple of fab ensemble ideas and some coordinating noms. Go on, check out our charming picnic suggestions!

A Bite With Your Bestie

Pictured: Quay Rumors SunglassesAdventurously Astir A-Line SkirtCruise Wisely Embroidered Pullover, and Some Sunny Day Bamboo Cage Bag

An afternoon picnic is the new brunch, haven’t you heard? Since early spring can still bring a chill in the air, our stylists recommend rocking a cozy, long-sleeve pullover with a totally whimsical skirt. As for your picnic basket, we encourage you to get creative! This amazing cage bag is a fun way to tote your treats around, and won’t be too bulky to take on a sunny stroll once the snacks it once carried have all been enjoyed.

Pictured: Some Sunny Day Bamboo Cage BagCreature Comfort Food Wooden Cheese Board in Bees, and To Togetherness Plate Set

What ever will you and your BFF eat on such an outing? We say, keep it simple with berries, veggies, nuts, and a baguette. If you plan on munching right when you meet, you could also consider a snazzy cheese such as this merlot-soaked block, a flavorful protein like prosciutto, or a scrumptious spread like hummus, without having to worry about bringing a cooler. And, what’s a picnic without some wine to sip? That is, if you walked, of course!

Lively Lunch Break

Pictured: Short-Sleeved Sweater in CitrusYour Saving Rays SunglassesDelighted Foresight Pants in Aqua, and Loving Loyalty Oxford Flat

If you simply can’t wait until Saturday to piece a picnic together, maybe one of your coworkers would like to enjoy an alfresco lunch with you! Don’t forget to sport a fittingly chipper ensemble for this festive occasion. Our stylists stylists suggest this springy sweater because of its sunny citrus pattern and office-appropriate silhouette. And, these retro capris? Totally work-to-weekend chic!

Pictured: To Togetherness Plate SetYour Tone Volition Water Bottle, Your Saving Rays Sunglasses, and Monday Fun Day Folder Set (coming soon!)

Since access to a refrigerator isn’t an issue in this instance, you can get creative with the types of grub you gather. An orzo salad filled with feta and kalamata olives is an awesome option, as well as a pair of hard-boiled eggs for a midday protein-boost. Supplement with those signature picnic bites, like strawberries, almonds, or other healthy snacks. Flavored bubbly water could be a fun refreshment to share, but if you forget to bring it along in the mix of your daily priorities, just hydrate with the H2O you have at your desk.

+What’s your go-to snack to pack for a picnic?

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