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The arrival of autumn means different things for everyone. For some, it’s an early-morning queue for that sweet, sweet spiced beverage; for others, it’s all about shuffling through crunchy leaves and decorating with an amount of gourds bordering on obscene (I fall into the latter category). One thing we can all agree on is the unyielding desire to get comfy and cozy after a sweltering summer, so let the temps drop and the snuggly times roll! Below are some of our cherished picks for what’s really the most wonderful time of the year.

Oversized? Sign Us Up!

Pictured: Throw in the Cowl Sweater in Mist, Double Lunch Date Sweater in Cranberry, Kitschy Stitches Oversized Cardigan, Homecoming ‘Round the Mountain Sweater in Curry

Why wear just any old sweater when you can just as easily toss on an oversized one? You know what they say: the more fabric, the more fun. Well, perhaps that phrase hasn’t caught on yet, but the styles shown above certainly have! Cowl necks, dolman sleeves, intriguing textures, and alluring warmth reign supreme for these cozy layering pieces, and what’s more, most are available in a full size range and multiple colorways.

Do You Believe in ‘Matching’?

Pictured: Fair Warming Knit Hat & Scarf, Ailurophile Style Hat & Scarf in Grey (coming soon), Comfy in Confetti Hat & Circle Scarf

Coordinating pieces are one of the simplest ways to look and feel completely polished, so look to these sweet sets for rounding out an optimal ensemble. While the solid and patterned pieces before you are adorable on their own, we believe they’re even better when paired together. Bonus tip: some of these cute duos easily become trios with the addition of gloves! Peep the mustard ones here, and the kitty ones right over here.

All About Outerwear

Pictured: Hood if I Could Cape in Black, Confetti Chic Coat, Belted Plaid Coat with Wide Collar, Just Delightful, Darling Faux-Fur Jacket in Taupe

When the look you have going on is stellar, don’t you dare conceal it. Instead, accentuate it with some incredible outerwear! Just as essential to a well-crafted look as a signature hairstyle or statement shoes, a charming coat with a retro cut, fuzzy feel, or gotta-have accent will make time-tested ensembles feel refreshed. (A personal aside: as a proud owner of the Hood if I Could Cape in Black for the last two Pittsburgh winters, I can’t recommend its oversized hood, deep pockets, heavy fabric, and conversation-catalyzing cut enough.)


+What style are you most excited to show off this season?

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