3 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (& the Outfits to Match)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether your heart belongs to a paramour or a pair of best pals, we’re all in favor of celebrating this lovey-dovey holiday. If your calendar isn’t already filled with V-Day plans, we’re here with three sweet scenarios sure to delight you and your special someone. Better yet, ModStylist Kelsey has come up with some handy style tips to make your date as fashionable as it is fun. Check out our ideas, and tell us about YOUR Valentine’s plans in the comments!

Glam Art Gallery

3 Valentine's Day Date Ideas (& the Outfits to Match)

Aren’t real-life ModCloth couple Maggie and Casey the cutest art critics ever?

The Date:

Show off your top-notch taste and classy-gal clout with an evening at an art gallery! Art is a perfect conversation starter — you and your date can muse intelligently over your fave pieces, and giggle together about those strange installations you just don’t… get.

The Look:

Kelsey says, “Pairing a classic A-line style dress with statement earrings and floral heels is a surefire way to make your date swoon this Valentine’s Day.” Take advantage of the avant-garde environment, and break out out of typical red-and-pink color palette. The Heart to Come By Dress is an edgy alternative to frilly frocks, but pairing it with pretty, patterned stilettos keeps the romantic vibe alive. To create an even more head-turning look, Kelsey suggests trying out a daring lip color, such as bright purple or one of this year’s deep marsala shades.

Ice Skating Escapade

3 Valentine's Day Dates (& the Outfits to Match)

BFFs Kelsey (who styled these fab looks!) and Emily keep things fun and carefree for their Gal-entine’s Day outfits.

The Date:

The music, the hand-holding, the shared cups of cocoa — an afternoon on the ice is ripe for romance. But why let couples have all the fun? There are few things more delightful than teetering around on skates with your best pal by your side. Whether you’re impressing your sweetie with a perfectly executed axel, or convincing the zamboni guy to give you and your bestie a ride around the rink, this smile-inducing destination is great for making memories.

The Look:

If you’re headed to the ice rink, layering is key. Kelsey says, “Pair your favorite stretch jeans and booties with soft blouses and sweaters for fun texture, comfort, and additional warmth.” Light sweaters, like Kelsey’s and Emily’s, will keep you feeling cozy without being cumbersome. Plus, once you’ve been on your blades for awhile, you might just find you need to ditch a layer. Most importantly, be sure to pick pieces in which you’re comfortable moving, falling down (we’re looking at you, skirts!), and of course, filling up on snack bar pizza! Jegging-style jeans, such as the Gotta Jet Set Jeans in Black or the Front Row Fashionista Jeans, are super easy to wear and go with just about anything (including this blouse and this one). We score this look a 10 out of 10!

Stay-In Snuggle Fest

3 Valentine's Day Dates (& the Outfits to Match)

Newlyweds Kim and Grace look adorable even when they’re kicking back.

The Date:

Listen, just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’ve got to make big plans. After all, sometimes the most intimate, romantic moments happen when you’re canoodling on the couch. Make an ordinary evening a special occasion by breaking out some snazzy popcorn toppings, uncorking that nice bottle of wine you’ve been waiting to drink, and watching a flick that really turns up the feels. (Was your first date at the movies? Pop that picture in the DVD player!)

The Look:

Give your laid-back look a Valentine’s vibe by choosing pieces with pretty patterns. Kelsey recommends picking a floral or heart-printed focal point for your ensemble, then finishing the outfit with basics, such as a flowy tunic, sweet and simple leggings, or a cute hoodie in neutral or solid hues. The best part about staying-in style? There’s no need to worry about walking slushy February sidewalks in heels! Instead, show your toes some love by tucking them into your favorite fuzzy slippers or flats!

+ What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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