A Super Troupe that Puts Our Summertime Showing Off to Shame

Waterskiing Superhero Pyramid SeaworldImage via Nobelmania

Think being able to slap on skis and skim along behind a sassy motorboat is cool? Think again. We’ve just discovered something that makes plain old waterskiing look about as impressive as rolling around in a pile of dirt.

From 1976 to 1979, SeaWorlds in Ohio and Orlando awed audiences with “Salute to the Superheroes,” a waterskiing extravaganza that featured DC Comics characters acrobating around for the fictional Gotham-Metropolis Water Games (which was, inevitably, time and time again, interrupted by super villains. How rude!), and wowza, did these spandex-clad lads and lasses do some fancy tricks!

superhero2Image via Noblemania

Wonder Woman Waterskiier<Image via Noblemania

Seaworld Superhero Waterskiiers JumpImage via Noblemania

Though this raucously entertaining show has long since ceased, we’d like to give its legacy new legs. When you head down to the lake house this summer, pack a cape in honor of this show, because even if you can’t ski in pyramid formation, you can at least go as far as meeting the bar these superhero skiers set for looking good.

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