A Valentine’s Day DIY You’ll Want to Pin!

DIY Fabric Pin

Store shelves are lined with bags of candy in every shade of red and pink, and display cases are overflowing with heart-shaped boxes: February 14th is almost here. I love Valentine’s Day, and look forward to it every year — those omnipresent pops of pink and red brighten the short gray days of winter, and I have a deep and abiding love for both flowers and chocolate. I love presents too, and always look forward to crafting up something special for my friends and family.

Today, I’m bringing you a fun project inspired by my crafty grandmother, who has been making these fabric pins for as long as I can remember. Pretty, and easily personalized, these wearable valentines are simple to whip up for the ones you love.


Valentine’s Day Pins

1/4 – 1/2 yard of fabric of your choice
Twill (or any heavy material — denim will also work)
Iron-on adhesive (like Heat’n Bond)
hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Pin backs
Ribbon and small faux-flowers
Fabric paint
Fabric stiffener

Step 1:
First, make sure to wash, dry, and iron both the patterned fabric and the twill. Avoid using any kind of fabric softener. Then, cut your iron-on adhesive to size, laying the material right side down on your ironing table. Place the strip of iron-on adhesive glue-side down and iron it onto the material. To keep the paper backing from browning, you can top it with a piece of tissue paper while you iron. Allow the fabric cool.

Step 2:
Place the twill on your ironing board, and peel the paper backing off the iron-on adhesive. Place the iron-on adhesive glue-side down on the twill and iron the layers together.

Step 3:
Cut your desired pin shapes out of the material. If your fabric has shapes in the pattern, you can cut around those, or you can trace a pattern on the back to use as a guide.

Step 4:
Using your hot glue gun and glue sticks, secure the pin-back to the backside of your fabric shape.

Step 5:
Line the edges with fabric paint to secure the layers together, use your hot glue to attach any extra decorations (ribbons, flowers, etc.) that you’d like on your pin.

Step 6:
Spray or brush the fabric stiffener onto your pin. Once it’s dry, you have a thoughtful gift for a friend or a special holiday accessory for yourself!

DIY_PIN_152— By Jamie, Customer Care Advocate

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    These are so cute and fun!

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