Color Us Inspired: Design Seeds’ Perfect Palettes

pallete2Design Seeds offers a lovely landscape of colors, combos, & creativity.

Color conveys personalities, sets moods, and speaks to style. So, where do you go to unearth inspiration for your home decor, wardrobe, design projects, or just general color crushes? Of the oodles of websites out there, we’re particularly fond of Design Seeds. On this site, color consultant Jessica Colaluca creates vibrant color palettes from hues and  tones found in nature. But, what’s really fun and unique is the way you can browse, search, and stumble into new ways of mixing and combining ideas into all your creative endeavors!

palletes6Under ‘Search by Color Value,’ you can use the RGB sliders to land on colors you love & want to search.

You can peruse through the palettes by adjusting the RGB sliders to a color you like. Once you find a fave, you can even select similar colors to wander even further through what feels like an unlimited variety of ideas. And, you can hover over the swatches to see the HEX codes, which makes matching a snap!

palletes7You can search by theme (like ‘Vintage,’ ‘Autumn,’ & ‘Creatures,’ shown here) to browse through a bounty of ideas.

Design Seeds invites you to explore worlds of color via natural settings and scenery. We hope this website becomes a go-to resource for all your creative color needs!

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