Home, Must-See Home: Fresh Approaches to a Blissful Bedroom

Sure, you’ve got your style figured out when it comes to dresses, jackets, and jewels, but shouldn’t your boudoir be just as jaw-dropping as your wardrobe? Today, we’re sharing our best decorating tips on how to achieve two of our favorite motifs of the moment — the creative collector’s studio and the chic downtown crib. Whether you’re preparing to move into your first dorm room or settling in for another year in your flat, now’s the time to harness the sun’s energy and begin building your perfect signature space!

The Artsy Abode

It’s all about crafts, curios, and colorful personality in your place – show it off with a dwelling that’s undeniably unique and a true delight!

Decorating tips from Story by ModCloth

Decorate with your heart – A truly inviting interior captivates with its genuine charm, so decorate your space with the things you hold most dear. Classic family portraits beside childhood crafts and plush pet-inspired pillows? Yes, please!

Avoid a cluttered look by curating – Showcasing a collection is all about context. Arrange a favorite collection its own side table, shelf, or on a vintage tray, so that you can enjoy it without creating clutter.

Don’t confine your creativity to one corner –You’re not shy about your mix-and-match fashion sense, so welcome that quirky charm into every area of your room, too! Start with an unconventional gallery arrangement that surprises as you breeze through your routine, or inspire globetrotting dreams by setting your alarm clock on a bedside table of stacked suitcases.

Start a complex look with simplicity – Begin with a subtle foundation. A temporary wallpaper adorned with muted motifs, such as our Top Floral Temporary Wallpaper (pictured below), will balance the bright colors and bountiful keepsakes that your imagination is craving.


The Metropolitan Mash-up

Your style is the intersection of hip, classic, and cool, curated finds. Give your urban abode a bit of attitude with a refined, diverse design.

Decor Tips from Story by ModCloth

Larger-than-life landmarks anchor your environment – Emphasize the shape and scale of your space by decorating with towering taxidermy-inspired touches, oversized retro signage, and repurposed thrifted treasures!

Go from white walls to “Wow!” with a bold wallpaper base – Some might swoon for crisp, empty spaces, but why not engage your imagination with bold graphic patterns? Look to bright bed linens and striking temporary wallpaper to emphasize architectural quirks and infuse your room with energy.

Balance big city elements with stylish soft pieces – You already comfort yourself with a dreamy duvet and plush pillows. Now, comfort your eye by introducing soft pieces that balance out your urban space. Try decorating exposed brick with delicately framed photos, scattering cozy rugs across concrete floors, and replacing window blinds with curtains that will sway with the cross-town breeze.


Are you planning on redecorating your space? If so, what do you have in mind?

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