Osamu Yokonami’s Gorgeous Gangs of Girls

Osamu Yokonami 1All images via Osamu Yokonami.

Feeling nostalgic for those sun-drenched, late-summer afternoons spent with your roving group of gal pals? After one look at artist Osamu Yokonamis photographic work, we can guarantee you will be. Featuring gaggles of girls dressed in identical, scholastically-inspired uniforms, who traipse their ever-changing surroundings, Yokonami’s images evoke an undeniable autumnal feeling. Slightly spooky, but overall enthralling, Yokonami’s work just might inspire you to grab a friend and go explore.

Osamu Yokonami 7

Osamu Yokonami 6

Osamu Yokonami 5

Osamu Yokonami 4

Osamu Yokonami 3

Osamu Yokonami 2

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