We Can’t Stop Talking About… Design for Mankind

Are you a creative type with an hour or two (or ten) to kill? Look no further than art and design blog Design for Mankind to feed your mind with enough artistic eye-candy and inspiration to last for months!

Offering up the best and brightest the indie art world has to offer, blogger Erin Loechner creates a kaleidoscope of photography, interior design, paintings, illustrations and installations from across the globe. From cheeky drawings to whimsical photos, expect a dose of motivation to pick up your own sketch pad (or sketchbook?) and make your mark on the art world.

You can even follow Erin’s adventure as she fixes up her own house in a way that makes any design nerd lovesick. And don’t sleep on Design for Mankind, because just like fashion, the art world moves at a dizzying pace!


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  1. Mousevox Vintage 07/29/2010 at 4:51 pm #

    One of my favorites!

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