Love Thyself: 5 Fun Ways to Be Your Own Bae

Whether you’re having an ultra-tradish V-day with your SO this week, a Galentine’s bash with all your besties (complete with goodies from our Sweetheart Shop!), or scheduling a root canal over the whole thing, Liz Lemon-style, we think it’s important to recognize that before your bae, before your crew… there’s you.

Who doesn’t let their self-love slide every once and awhile? We’re busy ladies with jobs and friends and lots of Netflix to watch. And, as someone who’s struggled with self-esteem issues for years (as so many women have), I know from experience that the ‘Love Yourself!’ mantra is often easier said than done. So instead of thinking of self-love as a switch to be flipped ‘on’, I put together a few fun ideas to foster your relationship with yourself, all year long.

Get Quizzical: What flower best describes your personality? Which Hogwarts House would you be sorted into? Online quizzes, everyone’s favorite source of procrastination, can be very telling if taken with a little more intention. After all, how often are you asked such specific questions about your preferences and reactions? Next time you want to find out which rare cat from Neko Atsume you are, take a sec to assess your answers, ponder your personality, and really own the fact that you are indeed (going from my results) a common dandelion, a member of house Gryffindor, and Tubbs. Tubbs forever.

Reconnect with Little You: Little kids love themselves, and heartily believe they can do anything. Get a little of that magic by channeling your inner child. Read a fantasy-riddled YA novel that sparks your imagination. Call your parents and ask for embarrassing stories from before you learned or cared what ‘public humiliation’ was. Build a pillow fort and sleep in it, just like that one time in second grade. Bottom line: allow yourself to have good-old fashioned fun.

Stay Pinterested: If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest is half doughnut recipes, half fishtail braid tutorials you still haven’t tried. Put our favorite social media tool to better use and create a board that’s just about reacquainting yourself with yourself. Fill it with quotes, colors, critters, anything you see that gives you a thrilling sense of ‘That’s Me!’ Don’t worry, you can totally make this a private board, but if you’re feeling daring, imagine how empowering it could be to overhaul your whole Pinterest persona into a more true version of you. Doughnut pins included.

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Get out:
Put on your date night finest and hit the town, party of one. Though solo dinner and a movie is always awesome, trying using this self-date as an opportunity to indulge in activities that speak just to you. Attend a program, concert, or rally without having to worry if someone else will be interested in it. Go to the museum and stay for hours. Walk in the park and shamelessly take pictures of the sky. Or bring the love full-circle and volunteer for an organization that speaks to what you’re passionate about.

Stay in: Treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. Have a dedicated spa night where you slather on the good stuff. Wine and dine yourself with your favorite dish or fancy cheeses and crudités. Or go full-Martha and revamp the trouble spots in your house (looking at you, bathroom vanity). By taking the time to enjoy your space and make it a relaxing, functional home, you establish a sense of self and place that will refresh you even on the days when you don’t have time to pamper yourself.

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So in the midst of February’s frenzy, don’t forget to give a Valentine to the person who’s always got your back: You!

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