Blogger of the Moment: Sally Jane Vintage

Sally Jane Vintage (aka Jennifer) calls Pennsylvania home, but the locations of her beautiful outfit photos seem like they’re in a distant wonderland far, far away. The never-ending array of locations for her romantic shots range from abandoned farmhouses to quiet grassy knolls.  But her outfit photos aren’t the only eye candy on her site – she finds the most inspiring vintage photos that make me want to fall back in time.

So visit her site and get swept away, but first read the interview with Jennifer, and learn more about what makes her tick. Plus, check out some of her favorite ModCloth items. Oh, and don’t forget to look at her pretty namesake dress!

What is your fashion/styling rule? Any tips for getting your look?
I think I tend to mix a lot of decades when getting dressed.  It seems that’s the best way to wear vintage and not come across as costumey.  If I’m wearing a 30s dress I’ll pair it with 70s boots or pair a 60s skirt with 30s oxfords.  I also never feel comfortable wearing all new clothes from head to toe.  If I have on new shoes, I’ll surely pair them with a vintage dress and vice versa.

Favorite style icon?
Wow, that’s hard to narrow down.  I’d say the one I come back to again and again is Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde.  I love the 60s interpretation of the 30s style in that movie.  You get all the wonderful art deco details in the clothes paired with the 60s hair and make-up.

Favorite movie?
I tend to watch a a lot of TCM and Retro channel movies.  Lately I’ve been trying to make my way through the pre-code movie collection.  I especially loved Baby Face with Barbara Stanwyck.  I also have modern favorites:  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Royal Tenenbaums come to mind.

How do you find so many great locations for your photo shoots?
My boyfriend and I are always on the lookout for abandoned places to explore.  It’s been one of our favorite pastimes for years.  When we were living in Alabama we discovered an entire neighborhood that was abandoned after a polluted stream overflowed and flooded the houses.  We published a book about the area called Ruins of the Dirty South.  We’ve been sort of addicted to finding new places to explore ever since.

What style blogs do you follow?
I’m constantly amazed at the number of style blogs out there.  It seems I discover a new great one every day.  Some favorites I’ve been following for ages are Clever Nettle, The Snail and The Cyclops and Ringo Have a Banana.  Some newer favorites are Lulu Letty, Dear Golden Vintage and 13bees.

What inspired you to start your own blog?
I started my blog when I began selling online as a way to share my vintage finds and spread the word about my new shop.  Little did I know that the blog would take on a life of its own.  I was so happy to discover a whole community of people that love vintage as much as I do.

When you’re not blogging, what are your other hobbies?
I also love photography, thrifting (of course!), cooking, watching the History Channel and playing with my cats.

Any tips for girls wanting to start their own fashion blogs?
It sounds corny, but make sure you’re writing about something you love.  Blogging can quickly become a chore if you’re not writing about something you enjoy.

And last but not least – if you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and what would you eat?
I would surround myself with family and friends for a giant vegetarian feast!

Plus, don’t for get to check out the Sally Jane Dress!

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When Turi isn’t blogging, you can find her nose behind a book. But reading isn’t her only pastime. She loves running (cue jogging stroller), taste-testing pizza and burgers, and working on the next great American novel. Her latest homage to all things literary? Her son is named after writer Dashiell Hammett. How apropos.

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  1. Avatar
    anja 12/16/2009 at 2:42 pm #

    This is great! Jennifer is awesome. Her namesake dress is so pretty!

  2. Avatar
    Pam 12/16/2009 at 3:21 pm #

    I love Jennifer and her blog.
    it it pretty crazy how many fashion bloggers are out there on the net. I would like someone to come out with a book on the origin of fashion bloggers.

  3. Avatar
    maria 12/16/2009 at 3:48 pm #

    Jennifer is one of the reasons I started blogging. Her outfits and shoots are completely breathtaking! It’s surreal that she mentioned me as a blog she likes.

  4. Avatar
    Victoria 12/17/2009 at 1:16 pm #

    I love her blog. Congratulations to her. I love her answers.

  5. Avatar
    certainly 12/22/2009 at 3:03 pm #

    her blog is great. for all you vintage heads out there – look for inspiration at my favorite blog ever –

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