Burning the Quiche … FTW

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Sometimes, you prepare a flawless recipe for the office potluck and it seems to be straight out of a foodie blog … and then other days you go about your busy morning and the quiche burns to a crisp. Our co-worker Stephanie solved this problem with epicurean aplomb, winning our hearts – and our stomachs – with this hilariously honest cake!

Because layer cake is the brunch of champions, right behind quiche, this cleverly captioned dessert drew a hungry crowd who only grew happier. Kudos to Steph – Without her sweet sense of humor, we’d have nothing to enjoy with our coffee or get us chuckling.

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  1. Sydney Duprey 08/21/2014 at 7:45 am #

    Cake solves a myriad of problems, an if there can’t be cheesy, delicious quiche, at least there’s cake!

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