Celebrate National Nurses Day with Trusted Health!

Now, more than ever, we need to lend our support to the healthcare professionals who take time out of their lives to save ours. That’s why for National Nurses Day, we’re celebrating with Trusted Health, a platform that connects modern nurses to career opportunities.

Meet Chelsea, a formal travel nurse and Nurse Advocate Team Lead for @TrustedHealth. Chelsea describes the company as, “A career platform for the modern nurse. We help nurses find opportunities that meet their clinical experience and career goals. Not only do we match them with a range of different options, but they also get dedicated, one-on-one support from a Nurse Advocate throughout their entire Trusted journey.”

In honor of National Nurses Day and Nurse Appreciation Week, read on to to learn more about their essential work.

Care in the Time of Quarantine

As one can imagine, nursing positions have been highly sought-after in the last several months due to COVID-19. Chelsea and her team have felt the demand, “In April alone, the number of open nursing roles increased by 3x over the previous month.” While it has been stressful, Chelsea and her team have found the work to be rewarding in some ways, “We’re living out our mission as a nurses-first company in a very concrete, tangible way. We all joined Trusted because we believe that nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for us to step up and find new ways to support them.”

This reinforced support system now includes guaranteed quarantine pay for all of their nurses and a renewed focus on mental health. “In late April, we partnered with The Ohio State University’s College of Nursing. They provide access to a ‘by nurses for nurses’ emotional support line that nurses can call if they are in distress. There is also a more in-depth wellness partner program that provides ongoing support. We also just unveiled a new Mental Health and Well-being Resource Center. This initiative provides a variety of information, content, and discounts on relevant programs and services for Trusted’s nurses.”

Where There’s a Need, There’s a Nurse

“The number of nurses who have raised their hands to help during this time is incredible. We’ve had more than 40,000 nurses sign up for Trusted’s platform since March 1st.” If you’re wondering how you can return the favor to step up and support your healthcare professionals, Chelsea suggests, “The best thing to do during this time to support Trusted and the healthcare industry is to practice social distancing. Staying home is the easiest and most effective way to help all of those on the front lines and support our nurses.”

Besides practicing social distancing, Chelsea suggests checking in with your healthcare heroes to make sure that they are practicing self-care. “It’s in their blood to put others first. Self-care is often neglected and does not fall high on the long list of life’s priorities, especially not before, during, or after a 12+ hour shift.” So, how exactly does one spread a little love to their friends and family working in the healthcare sector? “Give the medical workers in your life a nudge of encouragement and a dose of compassion. Remind them the importance of putting themselves first. Hold them accountable for building habits that promote their personal health and well-being. It’s essential to maintaining happiness and success in doing what they do best.”

Working to Save the World

While most of us take our day-to-day work for granted, healthcare workers are in a whole other league when it comes to their daily routines. “It’s incredibly hard to paint a realistic picture of what a day in the life of a healthcare worker truly entails. It’s more than showing up in your scrubs, passing your meds, and doing patient rounds. From my time as a bedside nurse, I can speak firsthand about working countless shifts where the patient ratios are high, staffing is low and resources are slim.” From Chelsea’s perspective, the only cure is, “Putting the healthcare workers first. If there’s one thing the general public should know, it’s the power of happier nurses and patient care teams. This directly leads to higher quality patient care.”

Despite these challenges, Chelsea is still quick to encourage those who are hoping to join the medical field. “The nursing profession opens an infinite amount of doors, many of which we aren’t aware of when following the more traditional pathways.” As for Chelsea, she’s grateful to work for a company like Trusted that values “giving nurses the tools and resources they need to feel empowered.”

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