Charter Schooled: A Cardigan DIY from Elycia of Love, Elycia!

What better time of year to get crafty than around the holidays? This week, we’re welcoming four of our favorite fashion bloggers to Story by ModCloth to re-imagine a classic ModCloth item: the Charter School Cardigan. Today, Elycia of Love, Elycia presents a pretty, elbow-patched cardi:

 photo 10-finishedproduct_zpse4f018fb.jpg
Hi there! Elycia here from the blog Love, Elycia. The Charter School Cardigan in Honey is one of my most favorite basics. For this project, I wanted a subtle DIY that would make me love it even more, and fancy it up just a bit. I replaced the yellow-hued buttons with clear, sparkly ones, and elbow patches in a similar color, but a totally different texture.

 photo 1-supplies_zpsa40d7169.png

Elycia’s Charter School Cardigan DIY

Small scissors or nail clippers
Fabric scissors
7 Buttons
Fabric that doesn’t fray
Embroidery floss
Pencil & paper

Step 1:
 photo 2-removebuttons_zps74619284.jpg
 photo 3-newbuttons_zpsa5f05d19.jpgRemove the buttons using small scissors or nail clippers. I removed one and then sewed the new button on immediately, as I found it easier to position the new button right after I took the old one off.

Step 2:
 photo 4-markelbow_zps85e95954.jpgMark the elbow on your sweater using a pin. I chose not to put a permanent mark directly on the sweater in case I ever want to take the patches off.

Step 3:
 photo 5-drawandcut_zpsa5da6f1e.jpg
 photo 6-check_zps34e24852.jpgCut a rounded square out of paper for an elbow patch, be sure to double-check the size on your sweater to see if you like it.

Step 4:
 photo 7-cutfabric_zps1975cbc6.jpg
 photo 8-cut_zps172752eb.jpgPin your paper to your elbow patch fabric and cut out your shape.

Step 5:
 photo 9-pinandsew_zps51bd3d26.jpgUsing the elbow mark you made as a guide, pin the patch to your sweater and sew one on each elbow using embroidery floss. Be sure to remove your pin marker before you sew on your patch!
 photo 10-finishedproduct_zpse4f018fb.jpg

Enjoy your fancy new Charter School Cardigan! — By Elycia of  Love, Elycia


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  1. Avatar
    BeingZhenya 12/12/2013 at 6:03 am #

    This is cute! And really easy to make too!

  2. Avatar
    pualani 12/13/2013 at 2:53 pm #

    Elbow patches are definitely in style!

  3. Avatar
    Tara 12/15/2013 at 7:01 pm #

    I like the color used for the patches. I would really like to do this in a heart or star shape :3

  4. Avatar
    Lauren 12/17/2013 at 7:19 am #

    Adorable! And I’ve got a nice little cardigan that could use a little sprucing up! 🙂 Thank ya!

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