We’re Celebrating National Pizza Day in the Cheesiest Way Possible

Today, dear readers, marks a day of great pride and celebration — National Cheese Pizza Day. Who invented National Cheese Pizza Day? What makes this day particularly pizza-ish? When is Pepperoni Pizza Day? These are questions we would address if we weren’t so busy dreaming of piping hot ‘za. And not just any ‘za — indulgent, truly truly truly outrageous ‘za perfect for a holiday such as this. And with that, we present to you three cheese pizza ideas you didn’t even know you needed. Wacky? Yes. Avant-garde? Certainly. Must-try? A thousand times, yes.

Grilled Cheese Pizza

National Pizza Day @ ModCloth

The Concept: Slices of pizza stand in for the bread — AND the tomato soup — in this classic crowd-pleaser. Just place a few pieces of cheese between two already hot pieces of pizza, and you’ve got quite a melty masterpiece.

The Verdict: Comfort food plus comfort food equals incredibly delicious. Also incredibly filling — a taste or two of this bad boy will tide you over for a whole afternoon (speaking from experience here). Lean toward bold cheeses to give your sandwich the most impact. Pro-tip: flip the top slice of pizza face down and set the whole thing on the grill. You’ll get a gooier interior and some cool looking char marks to boot.


The Pizza Taco

National Pizza Day @ ModCloth

The Concept: Fold a sizable slice in half, and fill it with all your favorite taco fixin’s.

The Verdict: Sure, this mash-up isn’t the most photogenic recipe in the room, but it IS next-level kinds of delicious. Chorizo (or soyrizo, like we used) and a little kick of salsa turns a standard slice of pizza something extra special — and satisfying. Stuck with a fridge full of leftovers? Taco pizza is the perfect solve.


The Pizza-bread House

National Pizza Day @ ModCloth

The Concept: Ladies and gentlemen, our ‘pizza’ de resistance — a house made of pizza.

The Verdict: Oh, if only Hansel and Gretel could have been so lucky as to stumble upon this delicious dwelling instead of that ill-fated gingerbread house. The epitome of tasteful design, this scrumptious cottage is any pizza lover’s dream home. And once you’re done admiring this edible estate, it serves as one snazzy little snack.

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How to celebrate cheese pizza day.

on 09/05/2014

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    Pro-tip: use the little plastic box smashing stopper thing as a table in your pizza house!

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    Over in Asia they have way different types of pizza that we will never see over here. Pizza covered with mayo and sausage stuffed crust pizza. I wish they had this stuff over here.

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