Your Must-Have Coachella Survival Guide Has Arrived

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So you were lucky enough to snag tickets to the 3-day music fest and have made the commitment to road trip down to the desert, but do you know all the tips and tricks you need in order to successfully navigate Coachella? Don’t fret, we’re here to help.

From the things you’d most certainly forget to pack (spare phone chargers anyone?) to tips on dressing appropriately, here’s everything you need to master the music fest like a pro.

Bring a Backpack
While a super fly cross-body fringe purse sounds awesome, your neck will never forgive you if you don’t distribute the weight evenly on your upper body. Store your belongings in a backpack — your shoulders will thank you come Monday. Is Your Friend
Do not assume it’s going to be hot. I mean, it’s probably going to be hot — deathly hot, in fact — but the temp in the desert drops drastically in the eve and it’s even rained in the past.

Wear Comfortable Shoes
Do not under any circumstances plan on heading to the polo fields in teetering heels. No matter how cute they are — and they’re probably VERY cute — you’re going to be walking long distances before you even get anywhere near the festival entrance. Closed toe shoes are your best friend.

Plan Your Transportation To And From The Festival Ahead Of Time
It might sound silly, but this actually happens. Whether you’re getting to the site by shuttle or car, figure it out ahead of time. Nothing worse than getting all the way to Indio and having no way to get to actually get to the festival. If you end up driving each day, take a picture of where you left the car (trust us).

Pack All The Phone Chargers
Take advantage of the phone charging stations on site, and if you can, bring any sort of back up charging phone case you have. Cell service is awful, so all it takes is a few Instagram attempts to start draining your battery. If you lose your friends, odds are their phones have died too, so pick a meeting spot as a backup.

Hand Sanitizer
There comes a point during every festival-goer’s night when you will thank your lucky stars you have a small bottle of anti-bacterial on you. Share the love, the people in the bathroom line will appreciate it. While your at it, pack some tissue paper or napkins. You’ll become a Porta-Potty hero.

Ear Plugs
It’s insanely loud, and sometimes the only free spot to dance is right next to the blaring speakers. Ward off that permanent hearing damage with a pair of ear plugs.

+ What are your favorite Coachella survival tips? Sound off in the comments!

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