Cool, Calm, and Eclectic: A Visit with ModEmployee Mary

You wouldn’t know that there’s a shivery, silver-grey sky outside this time of year, as you step into Mary’s bright, inviting apartment. Warm, and framed in dark wooden trim, the “quiet place with character” that she shares with her fiancée is the second subject in our series of stylish employee interiors.

While Mary, the Community Specialist Marketing Manager at ModCloth, admits that she’s got a soft spot for pottery, textiles, and inspirational word art, her relaxed abode also plays host to keepsakes from college, rehabbed retro electronics, and collections of vintage ephemera and childhood artifacts.

As for the assortment wine corks — “Nothing,” says Mary, “goes better with a homemade dinner or Skype with a friend far away like a good glass of red.”



  “The bunting was hung up above our fireplace for a surprise celebration on the night we got engaged. I said ‘YES,’ of course!
After that, it found a new home perched on the wall in our bedroom.”


  “When I work at home, I’m right here in the dining room. I don’t have a desk, and this room has the best light!”



How do you keep your space welcoming through the winter?

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2 Responses to Cool, Calm, and Eclectic: A Visit with ModEmployee Mary

  1. Cyra 01/15/2014 at 2:37 pm #

    I love that retro furniture pieces are getting a second chance to be center stage in the limelight. The nightstand like my mother’s caught my eye!

  2. 01/25/2014 at 3:49 pm #

    Nice collection of corks! 🙂 And love this cosy place next to the fireplace.

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