4 Dance Moves You Can Do with Your Cat Right Now

If you’re like us, mastering the waltz with your furry friend is at the top of your to-do list, so when we spotted Dancing With Cats, a visually striking book documenting people who shimmy and shake with their felines, on ModCloth.com we placed an order. There was simply no way the spirited hardcover could disappoint.

To begin with, we knew it would make for a great coffee table book (pictures of tangoing tabbies have proven to be reliable conversation starters), but we were also certain that’d it be useful. And after flipping through captivating images of limber pets and their owners, we’ve already circled the four impressive moves that we’re ready to try.

So if you have a cat (or rabbit or dog or shadow puppet), check out these four dance styles below.

Head Bang
cat dancing

Belly Dance
cat pictures

The Can Can
dance with your cat

Modified Pirouette
cat ballet

+ Want moar cat? You’re in luck!

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