Destination Dreaming: The Best Trips We’ve Taken

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I love to travel, and I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit. While it’s going to take some work to top my last big trip — I hiked the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu — I’m willing to give it a try. To get ideas for my next big post-holiday vacation, I polled a few of my fellow ModEmployees about the best trips they’ve ever taken, and the places they dream of one day visiting. If you, too, are dreaming of traveling to far-off lands and sandy shores, take a look at the answers below, and be sure to add your own travel suggestions in the comments!

“Where do I start? I’m going to say my top three off the top of my head: Ireland (specifically the Dingle Peninsula), Basically anywhere in Maine (gorgeous state), and Santa Fe, NM. I also really enjoyed a trip to Aruba I took once.”
– Tracey, Care Modstylist

“Wales is beautiful!”
– Bree, Graphic Designer

“Isle of Capri in Italy, or Dubrovnik, Croatia. Two of my favorites.”
– Bobby, Customer Care Analytics and Scheduling Specialist

“I wanna to go Ireland and Scotland! And explore haunted places!”
– Steph, Customer Care Advocate

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“Cinque Terre, Italy or Key West, Florida!”
– Amy, Brand Stylist

“I found Florence to be amazing… so much art and culture.”
– Erin, Intake Receiving Lead

“I spent a month in college traveling around Japan, top-to-bottom, and ache to go back. The Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid eyes on.”
– Julie, Editorial Specialist

“Zanzibar, Tanzania!”
– Shannon, Customer Care Advocate

“I have to say people should visit Pompeii and Venice as well. Other people have mentioned Capri, Florence, and Cinque Terre — I can vouch for all of those. SO amazing. They’re still digging Pompeii out. It’s insane to think about.”
– Kelli, Quality Control & Fit Trainer

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“St. Maarten in the Caribbean! It has beautiful tropical mountain scenery, crystal clear blue water, and interesting history and food because of the Dutch and French constituent countries…”
– Heather, Merchandise Assistant

“My favorite city on earth is Barcelona. My family is originally from there, so being able to see where my grandmother grew up was incredible. With all of the amazing food, beautiful architecture, relaxing beaches and — of course — shopping, it’s the perfect vacation spot”
– Natalie, Assistant Shift Lead

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“…I suggest Berlin. Beautiful city with great history, and the best music/dancing.”
– Ashley B., Care Communications & Training Apprentice

“I’d really recommend the Bodie Ghost Town to anyone looking for a trip off the beaten path. I chose my words deliberately as it’s about a 10 mile drive down a rough dirt road. Once you get there you can walk on the streets of the old city, wander into some preserved houses, and see what remains of old cars. For an extra fee you can take a guided tour of the old mill, that is otherwise closed off to visitors. Bring a camera! Bodie is located north of Mono Lake, and east of Yosemite. Also be sure to stop at The Burger Barn in Bridgeport for lunch. It’s a classic roadside burger stand — both cute and delicious!”
– Steph, UI Developer & Designer
Image via Panoramio user matthias_haberstock

Do any of these give you wanderlust? Maybe I’ll meet you there! – By Jamie, Customer Care Advocate

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  1. Amber 12/10/2013 at 12:12 am #

    I spent a summer in Croatia. Dubrovnik was okay….but I prefer to have just as much if not more beauty AND like half the crowds. So I’d recommend Korcula, and Vrbnik. Vrbnik is my absolute favorite place on earth so far. google it.

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