DIY Alterna-Trees

The holidays are in full-swing, and you know what that means…it’s time to deck the halls! But what’s that — you’re fresh out of boughs of holly? Red and green don’t go with your color scheme? No prob. We’ve got a couple super-simple, easy-peasy DIY ideas that you might even wanna keep around beyond December!

First up, a boho-beautiful tree…


For this, you’ll need:

  • a vase, bottle, or vessel of your choice (wine demijohns work great for this, and can be found at wine supply stores all over)
  • a few branches (we snipped ours from a peach tree, but you can also find manzanita branches at many craft stores)
  • a gold paint pen
  • With These Rings Garland
  • Tiny Twinkling String Lights
  • agate slices with pre-drilled holes (find ’em on Etsy, jewelry supply shops, or even Ebay)


Use the gold paint pen to trace around the outer edges of the agate slices, adding just a touch of festive bling. Once dry, thread string through the pre-drilled holes.


After that, all you have to do is string with lights, drape on the garland, and hang your lovely agate ornaments on the branches! Crazy-simple, right?



Next up, a snowy ‘n’ sweet terrarium!


For this one, you’ll need:

  • Gem of Garden Terrarium
  • cotton balls
  • model or diorama trees (find ’em at a hobby store), or branch tips trimmed from a live evergreen
  • whatever sparkly things and doodads your heart desires


Gently tear and fluff the cotton balls, then arrange inside the terrarium.


Zhush up your tiny trees with mini poms, a spare necklace chain, or anything else you have on hand — or leave ’em unadorned if you prefer.


Place the tree bases within your cotton snow, add a sprinkle of glitter if you please, and you’re done! Hang your tiny tree terrarium, step back, and admire.

Oh, and lest we forget to mention — that cute garland, those adorable string lights, and the terrific terrarium we used are currently among a slew of superbly gift-able items that are on sale! (Friends always tell friends about sales, right?)

+Will you be DIY-ing any of your holiday decor?

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As the owner of three small, fluffy dogs, Natalie has accepted the fact that dog hair being everywhere and on everything is just part of her lifestyle now. She cannot stop decorating (and redecorating) her home, and lives by Robert Venturi's words, "Less is a bore." Fresh flowers, floral print dresses, and a good gin and tonic are just a few of her favorite things.

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2 Responses to DIY Alterna-Trees

  1. ursularosien 12/09/2014 at 11:17 am #

    Beautiful! The trim with pom-poms is perfect for the little christmas tree. I used something similar with pinecones once 😉 Pinned here:

    Ursula 😉

  2. Smith Corka 12/10/2014 at 9:49 am #

    Wow!, An awesome job you have done in this post. I would like to try terrarium. It looks really nice.


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