Move Over Flower Crowns, It’s Time for the Fruit Headpiece


If you’re feeling our latest fruit-filled stylebook, Freshly Picked, why not take a page from our stylists and create a sweet headpiece to wear to all those summer shindigs you have coming up? We fell head over heels for the unique hats and headbands our stylists created in-house for this shoot, and they were kind enough to share all the details on how they were created. Want in? Check out the steps below, then¬†tell us: Would you rock a berry¬†salad on your head?

Freshly Picked Headband

Plastic fruit (available at most craft stores)
Faux Flowers
Plastic headbands and hair clips
Hot glue gun & glue sticks

1. Decide on the placement of your fruit. We love how the model above is wearing both a headband and hair clips — have fun with your combination.

2. Once you’ve landed on a design, use your hot glue and hot glue gun to affix the flowers and fruit to your headband and clips. Be sure to try on your creations frequently to check for weight, as these accessories get heavy fast.

3. If you’re feeling truly inspired, this technique is a great way to refurbish a vintage hat, or even to create a new take on a flower crown.

Fruit Headpiece

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