DIY Macrame Hanging Planters from Brit + Co

Reduce, re-use, recycle. Those of us who grew up cheering for Captain Planet know all about the three R’s of being a good eco-citizen. And some of us manage that ‘reduce’ part by hanging on to tee-shirts for way, way too long. Don’t get us wrong; we love a tee-shirt cannon. But when our drawers are stuffed to the gills with complimentary tees we’d never wear? No need to fear: Captain DIY is here.

Right in time for Earth Day, Brit Morin of Brit + Co helps us turn a blown-out shirt into a sweet macrame hanger for your fave potted plant. Now you can improve your indoor air quality, and find a use for all those tees choking up valuable closet space!

Dig Brit’s DIY style? Her book Homemakers is bursting with savvy tips for making your own way in a ready-made world.

Macrame1Photo: Brit + Co.

Jersey-knit fabric (1 yard per planter)
Plastic or ceramic planter or bowl


Step 1:
Cut eight pieces of material that are three to five feet long, depending on how low you want your planters to hang.

Step 2:
Tie a knot on one end, leaving the excess material at the top like a tassel.

Step 3:
Lay out your rope in four sections (like a cross shape), with two pieces of rope per section.

steps1Steps 1-3. Photo courtesy of Brit + Co.

Step 4:

About an inch and a half down, tie a knot into each section.

Step 5:
Arrange your fabric so that it’s once again in a cross shape. For this next part, knot fabric together from adjacent segments.

steps2Steps 4-5. Photo courtesy of Brit + Co.


Step 6:
Once you’re done with that, arrange your fabric yet again in a cross shape. And–you guessed it–knot material together from adjacent segments.

Step 7:
Slide your planter into the macrame net-like pouch you’ve created. And you’re done!

steps3Steps 6-7. Photo courtesy of Brit + Co.

+ How do you use your DIY skills to reduce, reuse, or recycle?


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