A Red, Yellow, and Blue DIY Necklace Project


Red, yellow, and blue have long formed a favorite palette of mine. As primary colors, they’re at the center of the color wheel, which radiates out to every possible hue and shade. Use similar bead shapes or mix up whatever’s on hand for this primary colors DIY project. Before you get started, make sure you have all the necessary tools to make jewelry.

Go bold and bright, or incorporate more subtle variations of red, yellow, and blue to make your own unique piece.


Red, yellow, and blue beads (8, ½ inch-¾ inch each)
Gold-tone or brass chain (2 sections of 5-6 inches each)
Brass wire (18 gauge spool, ensure the wire can pass through the holes of the beads)
Jump rings (4)
Clasp (1)
Pairs of chain nose pliers (2)
Pair of wire cutters (strong enough to handle the 18 gauge wire)
Pair of round nose pliers
Tape measure



1. Cut a length of brass wire from the spool at about 1½ inches. Grip the wire horizontally in the middle of the round nose pliers (a). With your free hand, rotate the wire clockwise around the pliers until it is once again horizontal, but on the opposite side from where it started. Now, you’ll have a small hook (b). Adjust the wire so that the hook is now on the bottom section of the pliers tips, and its stem is hanging vertically (c). Rotate the stem of the wire clockwise again, this time moving it 90 degrees and closing the hook into a small loop (d). Keeping the wire horizontal, place the loop on the top section of the pliers tips. Rotate the stem of the wire counterclockwise 90 degrees to center the loop on top of it and complete the piece (e).


2. Place a bead on the wire with the loop. Grip the section of the wire sans loop with chain nose pliers, bending it at a 90-degree angle to the bead. Use the middle of the round nose pliers to firmly grasp the tip of this wire part. Steadily rotate the wire tip toward the bead, around the pliers, so that a loop is formed. Use the chain nose pliers to help center it atop the bead.


3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all beads. Attach the beads together by using the chain noise pliers to slightly twist (not pull) open a loop on a bead, then placing a completed bead-loop combo onto it. Twist the loop closed, and repeat for all of the beads you plan to use. Align them in a red-yellow-blue pattern.


4. Use a jump ring to attach a chain section to the newly created string of beads. Repeat on the opposite side of the bead length with the second chain section. Use another jump ring to attach the clasp to one free end of chain and the last jump ring to complete the other free end of chain.

5. Wear it well!

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