Seeing Stars: A Constellation Pumpkin DIY (That Went Awry)

It’s a shovel! It’s a spoon! No, it’s a Pinterest fail! So this constellation doesn’t look like The Big Dipper. Ya can’t win ’em all. 

When I set out to carve a constellation pumpkin, inspired by the beautifully crafted gourds on Pinterest — like this utterly perfect pumpkin from The Merrythought — I envisioned mine would come out the same and I could proudly display it on my porch. But, in the world of DIY, things don’t always go as planned… 

In this pumpkin-carving tutorial, we show you how to carve a big ladle The Big Dipper into a matte black pumpkin (and offer some alternative constellations that don’t resemble a giant spoon).

140406_66054_800-x-420Pictured: Tiny Twinklings Strings Lights (inside the pumpkin, too!)

What You’ll Need: 
Electric drill
Fast-drying matte black spray paint
Sharp knife or V chisel
String lights  (or tea light candles)
May we also suggest:
A printed image of your constellation

Step One
Cut open the top of your pumpkin and clean out the insides.

Step Two & Three
Mark the largest points of your constellation and carefully drill holes with your electric drill. Then, spray with matte black spray paint.

Step Four 
Connect the dots by carving lines slightly into the pumpkin with your knife.

140406_66067_800-x-639Step Five 
Place your twinkling lights in the inside and voilà — illumination!

Okay, but it doesn’t really look like The Big Dipper, does it? Let’s be honest, I carved a rudimentary ladle into a chic, black pumpkin! Not my finest DIY hour, but, hey, you live and you learn. Let’s see what minor hiccups I faced during my unexpected-carving-exploration, and how to avoid this pumpkin’s fate.

What Went Wrong: 

My drill broke! So, for a few of those holes, I kind of just stabbed the pumpkin with the drill bit.

The connecting lines I carved were too thick, and there’s really no coming back from that.

My biggest mistake? I free-handed the constellation! I have deep, deep regrets about this. But, alas, here we are. I suggest printing out an image of your chosen constellation, placing it directly onto your pumpkin, and marking your points through the paper.

Speaking of constellations, here are some others you could try:

  • Scorpius — Halloween is a Scorpio date, after all!
  • Cyngas — the simple, yet graceful, swan in the sky.
  • Draco — a serpent of long, winding points for an extra-large carving adventure.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to try my hand at another unique Jack-o-lantern. As if one bum pumpkin could stop me from me getting in the Halloween spirit! Despite my less-than-perfect creation, I’m ready to don the most magical Halloween-inspired outfit and decorate for a party that maybe even my funny, li’l Jack-o-lantern can attend.

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