Spring Ahead with This Daisy Bouquet How-to

In our latest collection, daisies inspired adorable floral prints and a palette of pinks, yellows, reds, and white. You could say we’re a little ‘daisy’ in love — who can blame us? At a certain point in winter, we start daydreaming about sunny skies, blooming meadows, and lush gardens — not to mention the colorful clothes of springtime.

173006_-3333So, it’s still January. That won’t stop us from getting giddy about our style’s Spring Awakening! While these prismatic pieces brighten up your winter wardrobe, brighten up your abode with a bouquet of vibrant daisies, seen in the simple floral arrangement below!

What You’ll Need
201701_1760037824Daisy poms
Gerber daisies
Baby’s breath
Straight pin

Steps One & Two 

Start with your pink waxflowers. Their sturdy stems and durable blossoms provide excellent support for your bouquet! Next, add your daisy poms and a few pieces of baby’s breath for an adorably fluffy, full backdrop.

Steps Three & Four 

Place your gerber daisies throughout the bouquet. Add as many or as little as you’d like. Their strong silhouettes and varying hues create a dynamic display. Next, secure your arrangment with a straight pin and ribbon.

Step Five 

Finally, fill in any gaps with the rest of your baby’s breath, and there you have it — a darling daisy bouquet to remind us that winter won’t last forever.

Rustically simple with just a few flowers, yet boldly vibrant, this bouquet will no doubt put a spring in your step — and your home! 

Ready to get into the ‘spring’ of things? Check out some charming styles from our spring collection below:

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Lovely Lollygagging Sweatshirt $54.99
Purposefully Piquant Midi Dress $119.99
Delightful Direction Coat $99.99

Midtown Mixer Sweater in Buttercup $49.99
Wait and Daisy Sandal $94.99
Behold the Blogger Dress $99.99
Find Your Flourish Cardigan $49.99

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