DIY Gift Tags and Green Last Minute Gifts!

Ok, it’s crunch time. You’ve wrapped your gifts using festive and eco-friendly gift wrap, and NOW in this ModLife exclusive, you’ll have the opportunity to print out our SUPER CUTE ModCloth gift tags and cards to fancify your gift-giving experience!

Download our “Winston in Winterwear” gift tags! (pdf)

Just print them on your home printer, snip them out with scissors, and affix them to your gifts with tape. OR punch a hole through them and tie them to your gift bags with a little colorful string or twine!

Download “Jack-in-the-box” Greeting Card in black and white! (pdf)

Download “Jack-in-the-box” Greeting Card in color! (pdf)

Download “Snowman” Greeting Card in black and white! (pdf)

Download “Snowman” Greeting Card in color! (pdf)

Just print these on nice construction paper or cardstock, fold, and gift! DL the black and white version if you want to color them yourself.

Are there still a few people at the top of your X-mas shopping list who remain “ungifted”? Freaking out because it’s  the day before the day before Christmas Eve?!  Don’t worry! You still have options!

Keep reading for green last minute gift suggeshs!


For the friend who’s an art/science/film/ nature lover, consider a membership to their favorite museum, zoo, or art house cinema. Here in Pittsburgh, we’re partial to the National Aviary,  the Andy Warhol Museum, and the Regent Square Theater.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving year-round: magazine subscriptions!!! For the eco-conscious shopper: Boho, the green fashion magazine. For those who can’t shut up about composting toilets: Mother Earth News. For the socially responsible, “intelligent optimist”: Ode. For the crafter or avid DIY-er: Readymade. And for the handyman or handywoman:  Make.

Get crafty! Remember in a pinch, it’s always the thought that counts. There’s no shame in gifting your own creations. If you’re craft-impaired, don’t fret! Tackle a simple project like reinventing a basic tank or tee with rosettes, or making a whimsical little terrarium!

For those on your list that enjoy the finer things in life, why not gift them wine and cheese! When has wine and cheese ever been a sub-par gift? Raid your grocery store, farmer’s market, or wine & cheese shop and peruse their selections for organic or locally-sourced wine and cheese. If your giftee is particularly discerning, don’t be afraid to ask the staff for suggestions!


Some people insist they don’t need anything. They refuse to drop hints, and they seem disenchanted by the prospect of acquiring new material goods. They are prime candidates for receiving the gift of philanthropy. May we suggest one of these wonderful causes…

Domes for the World: DFTW provides durable, sustainable dome housing for communities around the world devastated by natural disasters. By providing complete community systems for impoverished people in Indonesia, Ethiopia, and the Sudan, DFTW prevent  slum housing and shanty towns from springing up, and unnecessary deaths from water borne and respiratory illness.

Plant With Purpose: Most of the world’s poor depend on the environment for survival. This charity seeks to reverse the effects of deforestation, drought, war, and “slash and burn” agriculture on impoverished, rural farming communities by teaching them sustainable agriculture techniques, and providing microcredits to small farmers in order to help them improve their farms, send their children to school, and start small businesses.  You can help by buying a tree for $1, an orchard for $10, or an entire forest for $100!

Unicef: A wide range of life-saving products can be purchased from Unicef’s “Inspired Gifts” page. You can provide food, clean water, vaccines, and much-needed education tools for third world children who might otherwise fall victim to malnutrition or disease.

WWF: Save the planet one endangered animal at a time. Species adoption is a wonderful option for the animal lover in your life! Choose over a hundred endangered animals like the polar bear, panda, tiger, grey wolf, or blue-footed booby! If you can’t choose between all the cuteness, let your giftee decide for you! Plus at the $50+ donation level, you get a cute plush toy!

Do you have a favorite charity to donate to during the holidays? How about any handy last-minute gift advice?

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  1. Sari 12/22/2009 at 3:02 pm #

    Very Cute! Great Job Guys!

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    I love the lil’ Winston gift tags!

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    Your greeting cards are so cute!
    Have great holidays and see you next year for new purchases!

  4. Elizabeth 12/22/2009 at 4:52 pm #

    i love the winston gift tags!!! i have a pug myself, so I will definitely be printing those out!!

  5. Marissa 12/22/2009 at 5:11 pm #

    Thanks so much for posting those cards. Saved the day!!!

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    I love the idea of the membership cards!! i’ll get looking everywhere!

    Cute gift tags!

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