Sparkly Snowflakes: A Doily DIY


Looking for an easy DIY to decorate your abode this holiday season? In three easy steps, we’ll show you how to transform a simple crochet doily into a sparkling winter snowflake that will not only add cheer to your holiday decor, but will continue to delight throughout the winter season.

Seasonal Snowflake DIY

Doilies (these can easily be found at any craft or thrift store)
Embroidery hoops of a slightly smaller circumference than your doilies
Metallic gold or silver spray paint (or really any color you like!)
Ribbon or thread

1. Find a well-ventilated room or clean outdoor space and lay out your doilies on an old newspaper or sheet of paper.

2. Spray paint each doily and allow to dry before flipping them over and painting the other side.

3. Fasten your painted and dried doilies into the center of your embroidery hoops and string them up with ribbon! It’s that simple!
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2 Responses to Sparkly Snowflakes: A Doily DIY

  1. Jeb prazak 12/08/2013 at 9:12 am #

    what a wonderful idea for repurposing a lovingly hand crafted memory. some would b perfect w/put the paint!

  2. Vanessa 12/15/2013 at 10:10 pm #

    Gorgeous idea! Fab job 🙂

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