5 Important Tips for Picture-Perfect Engagement Photos

5 Tips for Picture-Perfect Engagement Photos

Ah, love. It’s awesome to be in, but not always the easiest thing to photograph. We’ve all seen those engagement pics on Pinterest — catalog-quality couples clad in windswept linen, smooching in the middle of some nameless, sun-drenched wheat field. Those photos are gorgeous, of course, but what if pastoral landscapes and Hamptons-worthy ensembles aren’t really your thing? For advice, we reached out to Ashley Batz, an SF photographer with a talent for photographing personalities, not just people. Ashley shared her top five tips for planning a photo session that feels authentic, no matter what you and your partner are into. Tips in tow, we set out with Ian, a Community Specialist here at the ‘Cloth, and his fiancée Amanda to see what magic we could create. Check out the tips for yourself, and see some of the awesome images we captured of our sharply dressed, RPG-loving models.

5 Tips for Picture-Perfect Engagement Photos


P.S. Love Amanda’s look? Recreate it! The ModStylists helped her choose our What Motors Most Jacket, the Summer Night Stroll Dress in Red, the Navigating the Neighborhood Flat in Black, the Friend or Foal Necklace, and the Through the Five Boroughs Scarf.

+ Are you gettin’ hitched? What personal touches are you incorporating into your big day?

5 Engagement Photo tips

on 09/24/2014

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  1. Minda 09/25/2014 at 7:12 am #

    This is kind of interesting for me since I’ve been asked to photograph my friends engagement photos. We all know each other very well, but I want to make sure the photographs really show off their geeky personalities. I like the props idea, this can be very useful!! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Christina 09/30/2014 at 2:05 pm #

    Good tips but I need styling advice! My engagement shoot is planned for this Nov and I’m freaking out.

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