Epic Wrap Battles, Round Two: 1 Victory, 2 DIYs

Another week, another wrap battle… and another round of holiday DIYs!

This week’s challengers, Jess and Sarah, both showed creativity and cleverness in their use of unconventional gift wrapping supplies (paper leaves? A netted produce bag? Heck yes!). But only one of these Social Strategists get to celebrate a victory today. And that lucky lady is…


Want to recreate Jess’s eye-catching design for yourself? Check out the DIY below to get all of her gift wrapping tips. And don’t fret, Sarah fans! We’ve included a how-to for her eco-friendly concept as well. What goes inside these pretty parcels is up to you, of course, but if you need some suggestions, why not start with these great gifts?

Jess’s Bright Idea

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

The first step in capturing Jess’s vibrant vibe is choosing a snazzy sheet of wrapping paper. Try breaking from the traditional holiday color scheme — in a sea of reds and greens, rich neons will instantly stand out and turn heads.

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Next come the leaves. Choose a color of cardstock (you’ll find lots of options at your craft store or scrapbooking shop) that contrasts beautifully with the colors of your wrapping paper. Think opposite side of the color wheel. Then, draw and cut out some simple leaf shapes. Don’t worry if they’re not all the same size —  the variety adds interest!

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Wrap some ribbon around the package, and finish it with a simple knot on top. Jess used ribbon in the same color as her leaves to tie everything together. (Get it? Tie?)

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

After creasing her leaves, Jess secured them to the package with double-sided tape — isn’t it cool how they create the illusion of a bow? A little organic flair and a coordinating card, and you’ve got a masterpiece that’s ready to wow.

Is your taste a little more understated? Check out Sarah’s genius green gift!

Sarah’s Recycled-Chic Parcel

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Sarah’s project started by looking around her home for interesting, organic textures. To recreate this look for your gift, try nabbing a few plant clippings, some twine, spare craft paper (or, like Sarah used, a paper bag), as well as some unexpected “fabric”, like the bright red produce bag.

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Wrap your bag in paper, just as you would a normal present. We love how the crumples in the recycled bag give this look character and depth.

Gift Wrap Ideas from Our Employees to You!

Tie twine around the gift, and tuck your tiny bouquet into the center of the piece (you can secure it with tape, if the twine isn’t quite tight enough). Tie whatever “fabric” you’ve found into a neat bow, then tape or tie it to your twine. The raw edges and unrefined flair of each element give this package so much personality, plus your Earth-friendly pals will definitely appreciate your eco-conscious artistry!

The third and final installment of our Epic Wrap Battles series is coming Tuesday, when Graphic Designer, Bree and Senior Copy & Content Strategist, Anna ‘meat’ in a gift exchange/food fight to the finish. Wondering what we could possibly mean by that? Check back with the blog to find out!

+ Have you ever wrapped a present using supplies from around your house? What are your tips for gift wrap in a pinch?


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