Epic Wrap Battles: The Grand Finale, Feat. Double DIYs!

Wow! You guys LOVED our last wrap battle — and boy, did we love seeing your punny comments. It was a super tight race between Bree’s meaty masterpiece and Anna’s gorgeous greenery. But the carnivores have spoken, and the winner is…


Gift Wrap Ideas That Stand Out Under the Tree

Bree’s clever details and crisp execution had all of you drooling. Check out how to create this tasteful take on gift wrap in the DIY below. And fear not, veggie lovers! We’ve included the recipe for Anna’s idea, too. Still looking for the perfect present to go inside your package? We’ve got stocking stuffers and much more in our holiday gift guide!

Bree’s Meaty Marvel

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

The magic behind Bree’s gift starts with printing out a photo of, well, meat. You can also use a photo from a magazine in a pinch. The key is to have enough meat imagery to wrap the bottom third of your box. Once you’ve covered that part of your package, wrap the whole thing in brown paper (white butcher paper works, too!).

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Of course, the real “meat” of Bree’s package is the adorable details. Butcher-inspired twine and realistic labels make this look a feast for the eyes. As a Graphic Designer, Bree used some photoshop skills to make her holiday-perfect label. If you’re not so design inclined, hop on Pinterest and do a search for vintage meat labels (no, seriously!). Pick something quirky,  print it out, and tape it on!

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Once you’re all wrapped up, use some scissors to poke a teensy hole in the butcher paper — be careful not to cut all the way through your meat layer! Then, pull back your paper in a way that looks organic and so that you get a peek at the pattern below. A+!

Looking for some lighter fare? Check out Anna’s DIY!

Anna’s Farmer’s Market Flair

Gift Wrap Ideas You Can DIY

Start by wrapping your package in a few sheets of vibrant green tissue paper.


Stack a few sheets of tissue paper in veggie-inspired hues. Fold the stack like you’re making a fan. Then cut one end into a leaf-like, scalloped shape. Then unfold the papers, then crumple each sheet one by one (that’ll give the paper an organic texture).

Okay, now that you’ve got your leafy layers, start wrapping your package. Vary the placement of each layer, so that each round of “leaves” stands out.

Gift Wrap Ideas That Stand Out Under the Tree

Finally, slide your leafy creation into a brown paper bag (Anna flipped a printed grocery bag inside out to get a blank canvas). Twist a few spare sheets of tissue paper to create stalks, and tuck them in and around the bag to add dimension. Last but not least, personalize the present using a paint pen and a little bit of rustic lettering.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Wrap Battles series, from our employees to our awesome community! The holiday fun doesn’t end here — keep an eye out over the next week for even more DIYs and general holiday hilarity!

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