Everything’s Gonna Be Bouquet: A Butterfly DIY

Who says a bouquet has to be made of flowers? Not us! We were so inspired by the brilliant butterfly bouquet from our recent wedding campaign that we decided to show you how to do it for yourself.


Check out the oh-so-easy how-to below!

What You’ll Need


  • Feather butterflies (available at any craft store)
  • A bridal belt
  • The stem cut from a faux floral sprig
  • Scissors
  • Floral foam ball

Step One


Floral foam is wildly pliable and soft, so simply insert your faux floral stem into the ball. (If you’re nervous about it coming loose, feel free to put a dab of glue on the end of the stem!)

Step Two

Next, trim the wire stems of your feather butterflies. You don’t want them poking through the other side of the floral foam ball!

Step Three


Now, insert the wire stems of the feather butterflies into the floral foam ball. Be sure to stagger their heights, with some close to the foam to cover it, and some farther out to give height. (Again, if you’re nervous about them being super-secure, you can put a dab o’ glue on the ends of the wire!)

Step Four


Last, but not least, once your floral foam ball is covered by beautiful butterflies, wrap the bridal belt around the faux floral stem. Start at one end of the ribbon, wrapping it from the bottom, up. Once you get to┬áthe embellished part of the belt, place it in the middle of the stem/handle, then continue wrapping the other side of the ribbon around the stem, but behind the embellishment, to create a sort of ‘handle’.

That’s it! You’re done, and you have a gorgeous, unconventional bouquet.

+Will you be making your own wedding bouquet? Let us know what you plan on carrying in the comments below!


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