Fashion in Film: Alice’s Restaurant


While some may count football games and turkey-day parades among their Thanksgiving Day traditions, what I look forward to most every year is of a more musical nature: listening to Alice’s Restaurant. Aired predominantly by classic rock radio stations, this eighteen-minute-long song accompanied me on many a Thanksgiving Day as I drove from house to house, joining friends and family for turkey-day feasts. Now that I host my own day-of-thanks dinner, that tradition has morphed into an annual viewing of the film by the same name.

Starring folk legend Arlo Guthrie (who also wrote and performed the song), the 1967 film-adaptation of Alice’s Restaurant was released just days after Guthrie’s Woodstock appearance, and could be seen as an ode to the bohemian lifestyle lived by Guthrie and his cohorts. While the plot can at times be difficult to follow — it boils down to one dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner, an incident involving garbage, light jail time, and a restaurant run by, you guessed it, Alice — the fashion in the film is right on point with luxe velvet blazers, scarves, and plenty of poet shirts.


Do you have a Thanksgiving movie or music tradition?

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  1. Celery Jones 11/27/2013 at 3:24 pm #

    Man I never imagined this flick as a fashion notebook, but thanks for making me look at a movie I love in a different light. Introduced to me by a friend in high school, it’s always reminded me of our good times in those days, when we dressed not so differently from Arlo and the gang!.

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