Five Fashionable iPad Apps

Since my iPad’s arrival, I’ve had lots of fun playing with various apps to read books and news, play games, and terrorize my cat. But today, I got down to business, and set out to find five of the best fashion-related iPad apps out there.

Nylon Magazine
Nylon may have started as a print magazine, but they’ve made major headway in the digital world with their newest iPad version, which includes nice extras you won’t find in print, including video and audio accompaniments to articles. Not only that, they’ve taken full advantage of the iPad’s touch screen with fun horizontal and vertical scrolling. It’s a delight to read! is the fashion bible, so I’m totally excited that they created an iPad-friendly interface so you can keep up to date on the latest runway collections. When you start up this app, you’re taken directly to three different scrolling galleries featuring the latest shows, party pictures, and videos.

One of the best ways to keep up to date on all your favorite fashion blogs. This blog reader was created specifically for the iPad, and makes you feel like you’re reading blogs in the future. The app’s interface makes flicking through posts fun, and allows you to organize things however you like.

Camera Bag
If you find yourself inspired to snap outfit photos after all this, you might have fun creating vintage-style photos with this cute little app. Camera Bag transforms your snapshots into Polaroid- and Holga-inspired versions of their former selves. Since the iPad doesn’t have a built-in photo editor, there are a plethora of great photo editing apps, so while this app may not pack the biggest punch, it’s definitely fun!

Moodboard Pro
After you draw inspiration from your favorite runway collections, magazines, blogs, and your own camera, use Moodboard Pro to keep a visual diary of everything you love in this amazing app. Moodboard enables you to create customized collages using images saved to your iPad or pulled from your browser, and includes a variety of fun fonts, tape, push pins, and photo borders. In fact, we used it to create the above collage for this blog post. How future is that?!

What’s your favorite iPad app?

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  1. Pretty Shiny Sparkly 10/13/2010 at 4:17 pm #

    This is so handy, thank you!! I’ve felt like the iPad kinda got overshadowed by the iPhone 4 release and have been neeeeeeding fashion apps to play with. Can’t wait to check these out! Thanks modcloth!

    ♥ KM
    twitter: @prttyshnysprkly

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