The Hottest Way to Serve Your Cool Summer Drinks

This month, we tapped BrightNest for the latest trends in food and drink. 

floral ice cubes

Flowers in your hair, in your garden, and now, in your … cocktail? This year, take your summer drink game up a notch by adding in some edible flowers. You can easily transform an ordinary beverage into a delightfully colorful spritzer by adding vibrant perennials to your ice cube trays. Ready to impress your guests? For this project, it’s all about presentation.

Here’s everything you need to make edible floral ice cubes:

Edible flowers (this is important)
Ice tray
2 cups boiled or distilled water
Measuring cup

Step 1

1. Add Edible Flowers to Ice Tray
Gently place a flower in each ice cube slot. It’s important to only use edible flowers (that were specifically grown to be eaten) to ensure they are chemical-
free. You’ll find edible flowers packaged at most natural grocers.

2. Boil Water
To make your ice cubes crystal clear, use distilled water or boil 2 cups of water on your stovetop to prevent air bubbles. Once boiled, carefully add the water to a heat-resistant measuring cup.

3. Pour Water into Ice Tray
Slowly pour the hot water into your ice tray. If you’re using a silicone tray, make sure it’s safe for hotter temperatures before you pour.

4. Freeze
Let your ice cubes freeze completely before you remove them from their tray. No peeking!

5. Enjoy!
Once they’re frozen, carefully pop out your ice cubes and serve them with some lovely libations. Cheers!




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  1. Ashley Miller 07/15/2014 at 1:38 pm #

    I haven’t tried this yet with flowers! It looks amazing!

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