Behold: The Rubik’s Cheese Cube!

Rubik's Cheese Cube from the ModCloth Blog

If you’re like me and probably have never finished a real Rubik’s cube, completing this cheesy-take on the original will be rewarding to no end. Well, that is until you eat it. Feast your eyes on the easiest and cheesiest Rubik’s cube you’ll ever finish… especially once it’s in your belly.

Below you’ll find the list of cheeses I used for this specific recipe, but you can mix and match up flavors however you’d like. To save some money, I mixed and matched roughly 6 oz. of six different cheeses (instead of 9), and had plenty leftover for both more Rubik’s cheese cubes, and to set out as bites for nibbling.

Rubik’s Cheese Cube
Adapted from Women’s LifeStyle’s Watermelon Rubik’s Cube

Tipsy Brit’s English Cheddar with Port Wine (pink cheese)
Extra Sharp Cheddar
Swiss Emmentaler Natural Cheese
Pepperjack Cheese
Jalapeño Garlic Havarti
Dill Havarti

1. For bite-sized cubes, measure 1/2-inch squares. (In retrospect, for a centerpiece cube, I would measure them to be 1 inch!)

2. Cut at least nine equal-sized cubes of each cheese. You’ll have plenty leftover!

3. Build your cube by alternating the cheeses. In true Rubik’s fashion, you’ll be done when there is nine on each side.

4. Serve with contrasting, delicious pumpernickel sliced bread.

Rubik's Cheese Cube from the ModCloth Blog

5. Share with all of your friends, and via your social networks. Everybody will be envious of your nerd cheese!

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  1. Lauren 02/26/2013 at 9:00 am #

    Haha! This rules.

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    Love it!


  3. Ellen 03/20/2013 at 2:14 pm #

    Haha this is so AWESOME!

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