Friday Night In Club: ‘Camp’ Stop, Won’t Stop

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Hold onto your hats, campers. We’re back with our second installment of Friday Night In Club, and this time…it’s in-tents. 

That’s right: indoor camping. We’re taking lazy evenings to exciting new altitudes and blazing a trail towards the celebration of staying in. ‘Cause after all, who doesn’t like ending the week on an enormous pile of bedding and pillows? Grab a buddy and gear up — let’s embark on a camping-inspired slumber party worth goin’ wild about!

Step One: Pitch the Pup Tent

201609_126561_0604_800-x-420Pictured: Restful Destiny Pillow in Bear, Get Your Chlorophyll Pillow, Logging Off Travel Pillow, Home, Home on Arrange Pillow, Thanks to Nature Doormat, Try as I Light Lantern in Gold, Get Your Chlorophyll Duvet Cover in Full/Queen, Rustic and Restful Blanket

Indoor tents. The perfect sanctuary for:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts whose schedules are too jam-packed to wander through the woods this weekend.
  • Indoor enthusiasts who’d consider sleeping outdoors a “waking nightmare” or a “worst-case scenario, like after a plane crash or something.”
  • Moonrise Kingdom fans.
  • Avid snugglers.

What could be better! Ward off hypothermia with cozy comforters, plush pillows, and a blanket overhead. Whether you rig a rope-hanging structure or drape a blanket over chairs á la your favorite childhood fort, your homemade habitat is sure to enchant. Plus, perhaps the best part of this set-up: no bug spray needed.

Step Two: Stay Hydrated (with Boozy Hot Chocolate)

201609_126561_0612_800-x-800Pictured: Insect-or Gadget Travel Bottle, Insect-or Gadget Mug

Leave the water to all those try-hards spending their Friday night outdoors! Pumpkin-Spiced, Bourbon Hot Chocolate is our indoor-camping beverage of choice. Here’s how to make it:

What You’ll Need:
1/2 cup Dark chocolate chips
2.5 cups Milk
1/4 cup Pumpkin purée
1/4 tsp. Pumpkin pie spice
1 oz. Bourbon
Whipped cream for topping

What You’ll Do:
In a saucepan over low-medium heat, melt the chocolate chips and 1/2 cup of the milk, whisking for 3 minutes. Once melted, add the rest of the milk, the pumpkin purée, and the pumpkin pie spice. Stir vigorously to incorporate. Pour a small amount of the hot chocolate and divvied-up bourbon into two mugs. Add the rest of your hot chocolate, stir, and top with whipped cream and more pumpkin pie spice. Mmmmm-mm!

Serve with your favorite trail mix for a snack any scout would be proud of.

Step Three: Dress for the Elements

201609_126561_0633_800-x-800Pictured: Smitten Vixen Top, Ranger Things Patch, Guise and Gals Lounge Pants, See America, A Woman’s Guide to the Wild, Kinda, Soda Scarf, Active Kindness Sneaker in Clay, Simply Snuggly Cardigan in Dawn

As they say in Portlandia, “Let’s GET THE GEAR.” Layers: yes. Waterproof/wind-resistant nylon hiking pants: if you want to, I guess.  We think you’ll be fine and dandy in our coziest fall casuals. Nothing sets the outdoorsy mood like camo prints, cuddly critters, and a vintage-inspired bandana! This adventurous look ensures a Friday night so fabulous, we know you’ll want to make it a habit.

+How would you spend a Friday night at home? Eager to turn your living room into a comfy hangout? We’ve got just the goods. Check ’em out here.

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