Gift Ideas from A Beautiful Mess

Gift Ideas & Inspiration from A Beautiful Mess

Gift Ideas from A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess — the perfect way to describe the ribbon-and-paper aftermath of a good gift exchange, and the name of one of our absolute favorite blogs. With their recipes, DIYs, and upbeat insights, sisters Elsie and Emma find a way to make every day feel special. Needless to say, we were so excited to have these industrious, imaginative gals inspire a curated collection for our Gift Guide. To help introduce their playful, creativity-inducing picks, we talked with Emma about holiday fun and giving your prezzies a personal touch.

From caroling to cookie-baking, there are plenty of ways to spread the cheer this season. How do you share the holiday spirit with your friends & fam?
We love entertaining and hosting, so we try to have a least a couple of get togethers with friends and family throughout the season (aside from holidays, of course). Currently, we are gearing up for our annual Friendsgiving dinner, which is one of our very favorite traditions. One fun gift we’ll be including are homemade compound butters that guests can take home with them after the meal to enjoy with their own families this season.

How would you describe your collection of present picks? Was there a person or idea that inspired you?
To be honest, we were sort of thinking of each other when we made our picks. Ha! Since we’re best friends and we work together, sometimes it’s a little tricky to find the perfect gifts for each other. There are also a few things on our list that made us think of our friends, Katie, Rachel, and Laura. Stylish women are always fun to shop for, no?

Any tips for giving presents a personal touch?
Get creative with the wrapping! This is easy to overlook because you think, “Well, they’re just going to rip it off and throw the wrapping away, so why spend time on it?” But customizing your own wrapping paper or including a handmade ornament or trinket on top can really elevate a present. It feels just that much more personal!

What’s the absolute best part about celebrating the holidays?
Family. We grew up spending the holidays with our families, and to us, it’s more about spending that time and connecting with people you love even more than eating pie or opening presents. I mean, we absolutely LOVE decorating and holiday baking. The whole season is sort of a crafter’s dream. But all of that is the side dish to spending time with family and good friends.

Out of all the items you picked for your collection, which is your absolute fave? Why did you choose it, and who would you gift it to?
Hmmm… that’s a tough one. We love the Roam Sweet Roam Doormat — such a fun design! Our good friend Rachel just moved back to the Midwest with her family, and this doormat would make an excellent housewarming/holiday gift.

Check out these presents handpicked by A Beautiful Mess, and shop the collection they inspired here.

Gift Ideas from A Beautiful MessGift Ideas from A Beautiful MessGift Ideas from A Beautiful MessGift Ideas from A Beautiful MessGift Ideas from A Beautiful MessGift Ideas from A Beautiful Mess

Gift Ideas from A Beautiful MessGift Ideas from A Beautiful Mess

Gift Ideas from A Beautiful MessGift Ideas from A Beautiful Mess


+ What makes your holiday celebrations unique? Share your favorite traditions in the comments!

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