Have a Happy Halloween with our Pumpkin-Carving Templates!


What better way to celebrate the spirit of Halloween than with a good old fashioned pumpkin-carving party? Don’t know what to create? Have no fear! We’ve got you covered with three fashionable pumpkin-carving templates, crafted just for you by our fabulous graphic designer, Erynn.

So, why not hit the pumpkin patch with a group of your closest friends, grab some cider and caramel apples, and celebrate All Hallows Eve with a ‘ghouls’ night in filled with pumpkin-carving fun?

Customizing your pumpkin is easy:
1. Print out the templates, linked with each design, below.
2. With tape, affix a template to a large, hollowed-out pumpkin.
3. Use a pin or sharp awl to poke holes along the pattern, marking on the pumpkin where you’ll be carving.
4. Remove the paper template and, using a sharp knife, carefully cut out the pattern on the pumpkin along the dotted line.
5. When you’re ready to display your masterpiece, simply insert a candle or battery-powered light to illuminate your design!

pumpkin02Apple of My Cat-Eyes


Mushroom for More


Best Dressed

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