Indoor Picnic Guide

Bring the outdoors inside with these items: Picnic Basket, Welcome to the Club Sandwich Coasters, Acacia Bowl and Server SetPendleton Motor Robe with Leather CarrierWeber Charcoal Grill, Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards, and A Gathering of Friends Tea Towel.

With the cold and blustery weather outside, we’re all a little bummed that we can’t get dressed up in sundresses and have a proper picnic, so why not crank up the heat and host a little indoor picnic party to lighten the mood? Clear out the furniture, lay out a picnic blanket and serve potato salad, lemonade, and hamburgers. Buy your spring break dress now (or pull out one from last year) and give it a spin indoors while you long for warmer temperatures outside!

picnicFall colors getting you down?  Brighten up with these cheery chums: Bodum Charcoal Grill, Haute Herbs PlanterCutensils Cutlery Set, Squirming with Delight Ice Cube TrayEating Apple Sandwich Keeper in RedTasty Trio Triffin Box, and Food with Faces in Carrot.

picnicDecorate your home with these creature comforts: Vintage Picnic Basket on Etsy, Lobster Clasp Tongs, Natural Notes in Pod of Peas, Food with Faces in BurgerVintage wooden bowls on Etsy, Mason Jar Mug, Food with Faces in Corn,  and Sprout Fun Salad Mixer.

picnic outfitsMix and match your favorite floral frocks and spring dresses with warm socks and tights: Fandango Dress, Dijon Delivery SatchelAfternoon Company Dress, City-Wide Style BagFamily Recipe Dress, We Umber-Stand Socks, Bold Endeavors HeelCafe Au Lait Socks, Good Morning Sunshine Wedges, and Tights for Every Occasion.

Have you ever thrown an indoor picnic party?


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  1. Avatar
    Lisa 11/12/2010 at 2:55 pm #

    this is a GREAT idea!!!

  2. Avatar
    Amanda B 11/12/2010 at 10:38 pm #

    FYI: Charcoal Grills Indoors = Death.

  3. Avatar
    Elissa 11/13/2010 at 3:55 am #

    Very cute idea, BUT!!!! Make sure your readers know not to use a charcoal grill indoors! The carbon monoxide, etc, produced is incredibly poisonous and you can die within a few minutes if you do so. Literally. I file death certificates for a living so I know about these things!!

  4. Avatar
    Erin (ModCloth) 11/14/2010 at 4:10 pm #

    Amanda and Elissa: My greatest apologies! It was not my intention to advocate the use of a charcoal grill indoors. Always operate such devices according to the instructions provided and make sure to do your grilling outdoors. Again, my apologies if there was any confusion!

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