Sweet Ephemera to Enable Leslie Knope’s Scrapbook Habit

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This season of Parks and Recreation ended with a major time warp to the future, in which Leslie Knope takes on the role of a regional director for the National Parks Service.

Being that our favorite civil servant and would-be best gal pal is also a scrapbooking fiend, we decided to fuel her addiction and save her some time by gathering a bunch of National Parks ephemera for her scrap stash. After all, Leslie’s got a whole new region to run, triplets to raise, and waffles to eat — she figuratively and literally has a lot on her plate.

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Check out the following memorabilia for which Leslie would freak.

These super cool vintage postcards

Image via Judy’s Postcards

Image via Sally Annie Magundy Homemade

This Victorian-era brochure

Image via Viewliner Ltd.

A vibrant travel poster

Image via Ranger Pete

Old photos

Image via Wilderless

Image via Etsy

And this sweet catalog with vintage imagery

Image via sweet william

Are you visiting any National Parks this summer? Which ones?

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