Perfect Reader: Our August Book of the Month

Congratulations to Fiona, Megan, and Renee! Each of them won a copy of Perfect Reader, our August Book of the Month! Read on to find out how you can enter to win next month’s book pick with our GoodReads contest!

There are so many memories from my childhood I would erase if I could. There’s that time I climbed on top of the Busch Gardens picnic table and burst into song, the time I pretended I could speak Greek, not to mention pretty much all of third grade. But Flora Dempsey, Maggie Pouncey’s heroine in Perfect Reader, does not lack for those cringe-worthy moments either. And while this introduction may make the novel sound squeamish (who really wants to revisit those awkward adolescent days?), it’s actually quite lovely.

At the news of her father’s sudden death, Flora withdraws to Darwin, the small New England college town where she grew up. Navigating her way around the town she both loves and loathes, Flora is inundated with condolences, memories, and newfound responsibilities. A renowned literary critic and beloved former college president, Lewis Dempsey leaves his daughter as his literary executioner – giving her control over his final works.

Alternating between Flora’s complicated childhood and her confounded present – which involves her father’s girlfriend which she knew nothing about and the infectious gossip of a small town – Perfect Reader gives voice to the intimate thoughts we so greatly want to dismiss. A pensive and vivid depiction of a devastated and distant daughter, Pouncey’s debut novel beautifully portrays the maturity we gain when we’re forced to face our own faults and how the decisions that at once seem impossible, can eventually set us free.

Like those moments from your past you’ve tried so hard to repress, Perfect Reader won’t soon be forgotten – though much more tolerable.

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