‘Bound’ to Learn: Books for the New Year!

Is your New Year’s resolution to swap your remote for a hardback? We scrounged our bookstore and picked our favorites to help you get a head start. No matter your mood or interest, we have some great written morsels for your brain to savor.

… Where were we?
Short attention span? No problem! Leaf through some of these illustration and photo-rich books at your leisure. Close your eyes, flip one open, and see where your finger lands. They’ll entertain you for hours. Or, well, minutes.

1. Indie Craft – Peruse these quirky crafts and get to know their makers. 2. Drinking at the Movies – This amusing, atypical coming-of-age graphic novel will tickle you daiquiri pink. 3. Anna Sui – Want more Anna after our quickfire interview with her? This book will tell you all you want to know. Fashionistas, get ready to drool.

Reflect and refresh!
You’ve enjoyed visiting with family and friends over the holidays, but you’re craving some “me time.” Reflect on how much you’ve grown over the past year, and explore the many facets of your personality and taste. After some healthy contemplation, redefine yourself by sprucing up your living space, so you can begin your 2011 with a bright new perspective!

4. No Place Like Home: A Memoir in 39 Apartments – Relate by remembering all the abodes that have housed your hungry soul. 5. Perfect Reader: A Novel Its plot includes a venture home, revealed secrets, and uplifting epiphanies worth sharing. 6. Jonathan Adler’s Happy Chic: Accessorizing Find out how to maximize the Mod in your fashionable fortress. (We gave it a spin ourselves!)

Brains and tummies work together. Period.
Okay, so maybe these books are tailored more for satisfying your sweet tooth rather than your need to read. Either way, you’ll be craving something other than stale fruitcake and crusty cheeseballs, so clean off the pans that have colonized in your sink, and find your inner Sandra Lee.

7. Yum-Yum Bento Box This one will push you over the edge with cuteness. Remember our “Cats Wearing Sweaters” post? Yeah, it’s like that. 8. Cake Pops – These are great for giving, but let’s face it, ModGals also like to keep and eat their sweets!

Bring it, 2011!
With a new year on the horizon, you’ll need a place to store all of the action occurring in your cerebral space. Jot down new memories, challenges, goals, and lessons learned as the seasons change to keep track of your own journey. Something tells us your life is an enthralling memoir-in-the-making. Maybe your story will be featured in one of our must-read book lists someday?

9. Write Your Own Memoir: Wreck This Journal – Explore funny commentary, and allow its satirical prompts to guide your writing.


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    antoinette 12/28/2010 at 3:04 pm #

    i like the idea behind “Indie Craft”. I love the mystery behind pictures and art because they tell a story without words. i received a painting that i put on my blog..wouldnt it be nice to have a book of paintings that people collect? = )


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