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Marketing Writer Angela with one of her favorite books.

How many of you wrote, “Read more books” on your 2011 resolution list? If you just raised your hand, then you’ve found the right blog post!

We want to help you fulfill that lit-minded resolution. Look for the return of our regularย Book of the Month reviews of new novels,ย memoirs, and more! We’ve heard that you want to see more genre fiction, fashion histories, and anthologies, and hopefully we’ll have some for you!

And because we love you all, you still have an opportunity each month to win a copy of our featured book! For each review, we’ll ask you to join our discussion here on the blog. If you leave at least one comment answering our discussion question, you have a chance to be randomly chosen to win a book.

So, join us each month to see what we’re reading! Though there’s not a book giveaway right now, let’s get a discussion started anyway!

What are three of your favorite books? GO!

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  1. Tish 01/28/2011 at 10:34 am #

    This is exciting!
    The Bell Jar, Gone With the Wind, and the Kool Aid Acid Test. I’m nothing if not diverse ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Maria 01/28/2011 at 10:37 am #

    1. ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne Du Maurier

    2. ‘The Silver Chair’ by C.S. Lewis

    3. ‘The Wolves of Willoughby Chase’ by Joan Aiken (It’s so classic and storybook-like; I love it!)

    — Maria E.

    • Nikki 01/28/2011 at 10:54 am #

      Oh agree on Rebecca!

    • n 01/28/2011 at 10:59 am #

      You know, picking 3 only is too hard, because after reading others’ comments including children’s literature, I couldn’t help but want to immediately add Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles and “The Westing Game” to my list.

    • n 01/28/2011 at 11:00 am #

      Arg, it didn’t post my last part which was that I hadn’t heard of “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase” but I just looked it up on Wiki–now I really, really want to read it!

    • Maria 01/28/2011 at 11:52 am #

      Yeah, there’s a sequel to Rebecca (by Susan Hill) called Mrs. De Winter, and I started it but I’m not sure how much I like it so far.

      I love Lloyd Alexander! The Pyrdain Chronicles are amazing.

  3. Liz 01/28/2011 at 10:43 am #

    1. Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson
    2. The Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis
    3. Like Water For Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel

  4. n 01/28/2011 at 10:44 am #

    – Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story”
    – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender is the Night”
    – Jonathan Lethem’s “Fortress of Solitude”

    Does anyone have any fantasy recommendations, not including the big ones out there (Jordan, Tolkien, etc.)? Thanks!

    • Maria 01/28/2011 at 11:52 am #

      The Over Sea, Under Stone sequence by Susan Cooper is really, really good. I highly recommend it.

    • ktkat 01/28/2011 at 4:28 pm #

      lol! I was so keen on sharing my favorites, I commented before reading your request. Here’s hoping you’ll love my picks as much as I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • n 01/28/2011 at 8:06 pm #

      I haven’t read anything by Susan Cooper–I’ll definitely be checking her out! Thank you!

    • Ashley 01/28/2011 at 11:01 pm #

      Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality is a good fantasy series.

    • Emily 01/29/2011 at 5:15 am #

      Anything by Stephen Lawhead is amazing fantasy! (My favorite is the Pendragon Cycle)

    • n 01/29/2011 at 1:40 pm #

      Thank you! I’ve added these authors to my list!

  5. Sara 01/28/2011 at 10:47 am #

    1. The Count of Monte Cristo – Alexandre Dumas
    2. Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen
    3. Harry Potter series (because you just can’t pick one)

  6. Sarah 01/28/2011 at 10:47 am #

    1) The Harry Potter Series – JK Rowling
    2) Shout Down the Moon – Lisa Tucker
    3) The Bodies Left Behind – Jeffery Deaver

  7. la rizada 01/28/2011 at 10:48 am #

    “The Mists of Avalon,” the book in the picture, is actually one of my favorite books and has been for years.

    i also love “Autobiography of Red,” by Anne Carson, and
    “Caramelo,” by Sandra Cisneros.

    La Rizada

  8. Brynn 01/28/2011 at 10:49 am #

    -The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
    – As You like It by Shakespeare
    – The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  9. Stephanie 01/28/2011 at 10:51 am #

    Difficult to choose just 3, but here there are:
    1. Pride & Prejudice – oldy but goody
    2. To Kill a Mockingbird – makes me cry everytime
    3. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls – new favorite!

  10. Nikki 01/28/2011 at 10:53 am #

    1. Watership down – you actually MISS the characters when you are finished.
    2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone – I’m a fangirl
    3. Survivor (By Palahnuik) – I love this book more than I have loved boyfriends.

  11. Lila 01/28/2011 at 11:01 am #

    Gloria by Keith Maillard
    Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence
    Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger

  12. Sonja 01/28/2011 at 11:04 am #

    – The Harry Potter Books ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Shutter Island (the book is better than the movie!)
    – Catcher in the Rye

    • Sara 02/01/2011 at 1:29 pm #

      You have my second on that ballot ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Anne 01/28/2011 at 11:09 am #

    Oooh, The Mists of Avalon! One of my all-time favorites. I’m not sure if I can pick three, but I’ll try.

    1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith
    2. The Cider House Rules, John Irving
    3. Persuasion, Jane Austen

  14. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries 01/28/2011 at 11:13 am #

    YES! Certainly raised my hand… 3 favorite books… these are all a bit older but:
    – The time traveller’s wife
    – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    – The Glass Castle

    Cannot wait to see what everyone else will recommend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Emily 01/28/2011 at 11:27 am #

    Okay that is an impossible question, but..
    Harry Potter series all the way,
    Anything by Tamora Pierce she has the most kick but women ever and I can’t pick another I am a complete readaholic.

  16. Clementine 01/28/2011 at 11:28 am #

    Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo
    The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
    The Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

  17. Erin 01/28/2011 at 11:33 am #

    Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
    Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
    Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

  18. Shona 01/28/2011 at 11:39 am #

    This is impossible but:

    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – i’ve loved it since I was a kid.
    Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro – can’t stop rereading this one
    Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee – most people think it’s depressing but me? Somehow I really do like it.

    • Stephanie 01/28/2011 at 12:35 pm #

      I recently read Never Let Me Go – it was totally not what I expected. Although I appreciated it’s originality, I can’t say I was a huge fan. What about it appeals to you about it the most? Have you seen the movie?

  19. Emily 01/28/2011 at 11:43 am #

    The Catcher in the Rye – J.D Salinger
    Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen
    Paper Towns – John Green
    and, of course, the Harry Potter Series!

    (all of my favorite authors start with “J”…)

  20. Jessie 01/28/2011 at 11:44 am #

    I’m officially in love with Amie Bender:
    1. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
    2. An Invisible Sign of My Own
    3. The Girl in the Flammable Skirt (currently in progress, but I seriously cannot put it down.)

    All amazing reads!

  21. Becca 01/28/2011 at 11:49 am #

    I have to pick four, although even to limit it this much is hard!
    Sophie’s World – Jostein Gaarder
    THe Life of Pi – Yann Martel
    The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
    Ishmael – Daniel Quinn

  22. Grace 01/28/2011 at 12:03 pm #

    I Capture the Castle – Dodie Smith

    Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast – Robin McKinley

    The Beekeeper’s Apprentice – Laurie R. King

    • Maria 01/28/2011 at 4:09 pm #

      I love The Beekeeper’s Apprentice! Great book. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Sarah 01/28/2011 at 12:11 pm #

    -Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – David Levithan and Rachel Cohn
    -American Gods – Neil Gaiman
    -Its Kind Of A Funny Story – Ned Vizzini

  24. Ramona 01/28/2011 at 12:32 pm #

    The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger
    Battle Royale by Koushun Takami
    The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

  25. Alyson 01/28/2011 at 12:32 pm #

    – All the books written by Jane Austen (simply classic and wonderful)
    – Handle with Care by Judy Picoult (a heart-wrencher)
    – Harry Potter series (because they are just too whimsical not to mention)

  26. nicola 01/28/2011 at 12:53 pm #

    geek love (katherine dunn)
    wild sheep chase (murakami)
    year of the flood (m. atwood)
    NOT a fan of harry potter, actually! currently reading blindness by jose saramago.

    • Anne 01/31/2011 at 10:55 am #

      Geek Love rules!

  27. Ines 01/28/2011 at 12:59 pm #

    – Blindness, Josรƒยฉ Saramago
    – Persopolis, Marjarine Satrapi
    – Imperium, Ryszard Kapuscinski
    – The human stain, Philip Roth

  28. Lauren 01/28/2011 at 12:59 pm #

    * On the Road- Jack Kerouac
    * Ella Enchanted- Gail Carson Levine
    *The Year of The Flood- Margaret Atwood

  29. Anna 01/28/2011 at 1:06 pm #

    I like the Mists of Avalon too!
    -Notes from the Underground-Dostoyevsky
    -Love in the time of cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  30. Julie (ModCloth) 01/28/2011 at 1:14 pm #

    Angela, YOU are awesome. So are books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Aly 01/28/2011 at 1:20 pm #

    Mother Night- Kurt Vonnegut
    Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen
    Hocus Pocus- Kurt Vonnegut

  32. Angela (ModCloth) 01/28/2011 at 1:24 pm #

    I should have admitted that it is hard to pick just three! Reading is just that awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My 3 are –

    1. The Mists of Avalon (as seen above)
    2. A Clockwork Orange (Book only. I can’t handle the movie.)
    3. Charlotte’s Web (The first novel I read!)

    Thanks, everyone!

    • n 01/28/2011 at 3:01 pm #

      Charlotte’s Web is also the first novel I read!

  33. Julie C (ModCloth) 01/28/2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Aw Angela! You’re adorbs.

    Just three is almost impossible for me:

    1. Requiem for a Dream – Hubert Selby, Jr.

    2. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter – Carson McCullers

    3. And almost anything by Emile Zola, Flannery O’Connor, Katherine Mansfield, Honore de Balzac … okay, I’m cheating.

  34. Carly 01/28/2011 at 1:33 pm #

    I love books so much! This last tuesday I read a book in one day! i don’t really know the authors of them, but these books are AWESOME!

    1. The Sherwood Ring….?
    2. The Lord of the Rings series
    3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J.K. Rowling

    Yeah , it’s hard for me to only pick three!!

  35. Katie 01/28/2011 at 1:34 pm #

    This is so impossible ๐Ÿ˜›
    but these will always be in my top favorites:
    The Thief of Always – Clive Barker
    It’s Kind of a Funny Story – Ned Vizzini
    and of course, The Harry Potter Series hehe

  36. Kristina 01/28/2011 at 1:34 pm #

    The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath
    The Picture of Dorian Grey – Oscar Wilde
    Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

  37. Elizabeth 01/28/2011 at 1:50 pm #

    Jane Eyre
    Les Miserables
    Dandelion Wine

  38. Marie 01/28/2011 at 1:52 pm #

    I’m so stoked about this- my only new years resolution was to get around to reading 3 “classics” that always looked interesting, but seemed too intimidating to me. Anyway, my 3 favorite books…

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -J.K. Rowling
    The Giver- Lois Lowry
    The Catcher in the Rye- J.D. Salinger

  39. Richard (ModCloth) 01/28/2011 at 2:12 pm #

    Suttree — Cormac McCarthy

    Provinces of Night — William Gay

    As I Lay Dying — William Faulkner

    • Stephanie 01/28/2011 at 3:10 pm #

      ” My mother is a fish”…. most memorable chapter in a book!

  40. kass 01/28/2011 at 2:13 pm #

    picking my favorite book is like a mother saying she has a favorite child! but my go to books would have to be

    The Perks of being a wallflower-Stephan Chbosky
    Emma- Jane Austen
    The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins

  41. Brittany 01/28/2011 at 2:31 pm #

    Fear and Loathing in las vegas
    The Phantom Tollbooth
    and The perks of being a wallflower.

    Random taste i guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Danielle 01/28/2011 at 2:42 pm #

    Ooohhh… i love reading. My three favorites are:
    The Stranger by Albert Camus
    A Hearbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers
    The Divine Comedy by Dante

  43. Jessiqa 01/28/2011 at 2:46 pm #

    Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Suess

    The Once and Future King – TH White

    Lamb – Christopher Moore

  44. Lauren 01/28/2011 at 2:57 pm #

    The Well and the Mine – Gin Phillips
    The Water is Wide – Pat Conroy
    The Talented Mr. Ripley – Patricia Highsmith

  45. Michelle 01/28/2011 at 3:15 pm #

    1. The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall (the only book I’ve ever read twice)
    2. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
    3. Bring me your saddest Arizona by Ryan Harty

  46. Sara Mc 01/28/2011 at 3:27 pm #

    This is a hard one to answer! But I figured it out, after some thought.

    1. Le Petit Prince – Antoine de St. Exupรƒยฉry
    2. Everything Is Illuminated – Jonathan Safran Foer
    3. The Death of Ivan Ilyich – Leo Tolstoy

  47. Ashley K 01/28/2011 at 3:40 pm #

    1. Good Omens- Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
    2. Weaveworld- Clive Barker
    3. From Hell- Alan Moore

    • Angela (ModCloth) 01/28/2011 at 4:05 pm #

      I like Clive Barker!

    • Liz 01/28/2011 at 5:35 pm #

      I completely agree with you about Good Omens!

    • Jess 01/28/2011 at 5:40 pm #

      Oooo, Good Omens is a good one.

  48. ktkat 01/28/2011 at 4:20 pm #

    I decided to geek out and choose my fave fantasy novels!

    1. Just like Angela: Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon
    I read this every couple of years!
    2. The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss
    3. The Princess Bride, William Goldman

    • n 01/28/2011 at 8:04 pm #

      I’ve read these as well and LOVE them, and I see that Rothfuss’ next book in the series is out on March 1! Our fantasy tastes are very much alike! Do you have any other suggestions? I think outside of these books, L. Alexander’s works, the other big names (including Moorcock and Salvatore) and maybe one or two others, I haven’t read any others!

    • ktkat 01/31/2011 at 9:39 am #

      I’m counting the days until March1!
      His Dark Materials, P. Pullman’s trilogy, is mind-blowing and NOT just for kids. Gabaldon’s Outlander series is great but you have to be ready to commit to a long series. Finally, Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game (oops, this one’s sci fi) is also terrific – kind of like Lord of the Flies in outer space.
      P.S. Yes, I do work in a book store! ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Jennifer 01/28/2011 at 4:31 pm #

    *The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
    *Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontรƒยซ
    *The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

  50. Sarah 01/28/2011 at 4:40 pm #

    1. The Hiding Place
    2. The Help
    3. Gone With the Wind

  51. Vanessa 01/28/2011 at 4:40 pm #

    The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
    The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
    The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

  52. Anne Louise 01/28/2011 at 4:51 pm #

    “Steppenwolf” by Hesse
    “Rebecca” by Daphne DuMaurier
    “The House of the Spirits” by Isabel Allende

  53. ktkat 01/28/2011 at 5:01 pm #

    It seems I can’t leave this topic alone.
    Here are my top three from required school reading lists:
    1. Catcher in the Rye
    2. Fahrenheit 451
    3. Of Mice and Men

  54. ktkat 01/28/2011 at 5:07 pm #

    I promise this is my last entry!
    My favorites from this century:
    1. Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts
    2. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz
    3. Cutting For Stone, Abraham Verghese

    Happy reading, everyone

    • Jess 01/28/2011 at 5:45 pm #

      Hahaha, you are hilarious. And must love books.

  55. Olivia 01/28/2011 at 5:23 pm #

    1. The Grapes of Wrath- John Steinbeck
    2. The Stand- Stephen King
    3. To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee

  56. Jess 01/28/2011 at 5:44 pm #

    What great lists everyone has!

    1. Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson
    2. Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
    3. Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey

    Such a difficult decision.

  57. Pam 01/28/2011 at 5:53 pm #

    1. The Picture of Dorain Grey
    2.Pride and Prejudice
    3. Into The wild

  58. Allison 01/28/2011 at 5:55 pm #

    Lonesome Dove, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Victory Over Japan

  59. Kayli 01/28/2011 at 6:16 pm #

    invisable monsters – chuck palahniuk

    a long way down – nick hornby

    go ask alice

  60. Christine 01/28/2011 at 6:19 pm #

    So hard to choose, but I’d have to say:
    1. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
    2. Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri
    3. Middlemarch by George Eliot

  61. Kate 01/28/2011 at 6:32 pm #

    1. The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky
    2. The Stranger by Albert Camus
    3. Hot Water Music by Charles Bukowski

    I just read The Zoo Story by Edward Albee. That was also excellent.

  62. zoe 01/28/2011 at 7:14 pm #

    — Weeping Under This Same Moon by Jana Laiz
    — To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    — Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson (if that counts)

    • ktkat 01/31/2011 at 9:17 am #

      Calvin and Hobbes totally counts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Mallory 01/28/2011 at 7:16 pm #

    1. The Bell Jar
    2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    3. Interview with the Vampire

  64. Lydia Dagle 01/28/2011 at 7:27 pm #

    1. The Book Theif
    2. The professor and the madman
    3. GONE

  65. Renee 01/28/2011 at 8:04 pm #

    -Alice in Wonderland
    -His Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and the Amber Spyglass)
    -You Remind Me of You

    Currently Reading: A Prayer for Owen Meany and The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

  66. Robyn 01/28/2011 at 8:08 pm #

    The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
    Island – Aldous Huxley
    The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint Exupery

  67. Kaley 01/28/2011 at 8:16 pm #

    The Things they Carried
    The life of Pie
    Great Expectations
    Slaughterhouse Five
    Half Broke Horse
    …there are just too many haha

  68. Mariah 01/28/2011 at 8:18 pm #

    Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell , Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and The Grapes of Wrath by George Steinbeck…this was a tough decision ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Jillian 01/28/2011 at 8:18 pm #

    1. Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk
    2. Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
    3. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

  70. softspoken 01/28/2011 at 8:21 pm #

    confederate general from big sur – richard brautigan

    ida – gertrude stein

    the deer park – norman mailer

  71. Brigitte 01/28/2011 at 8:22 pm #

    I havent read it since I was young but my favorite book is “So Far from the Bamboo Grove” and its sequal “My Brother, My sister and I” both by Yoko Kawashima Watkins. Its an amazing first hand account of what it was like for a regular citizen during the second world war.

  72. Vanessa 01/28/2011 at 8:23 pm #

    The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath
    She’s Come Undone – Wally Lamb
    and a toss up between
    A Wrinkle In Time – Madeleine L’Engle
    Marjorie Morningstar – Herman Wouk

  73. Jaclyn 01/28/2011 at 8:28 pm #

    1.) The Bell Jar -Sylvia Plath

    2.) Girl, Interrupted – Susana Kaysen

    3.) Jurassic Park – Micheal Chrichton

  74. Katharine Ellis Tapley 01/28/2011 at 8:32 pm #

    1. The Hound of The Baskervilles
    2. The Man With Two Left Feet
    3. Little Women
    4. Shopgirl
    Yeah, I should stop. You only asked for 3 and I could list 30.

  75. Ciara 01/28/2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Homeland by R.A. Salvatore
    Darkly Dreaming, Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
    The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

    I know the Giving Tree is a children’s book but it’s still one of my favorites. I can’t even begin to tell about the other books I’ve read!

  76. Megan 01/28/2011 at 8:37 pm #

    The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

    Memory Wall by Anthony Doerr

    Here’s Your Hat What’s Your Hurry? by Elizabeth McCracken

  77. Amanda 01/28/2011 at 8:37 pm #

    Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

    The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard

    The first two are long-time favorites, the third changes every time I think about it!

  78. Heather Anne 01/28/2011 at 8:39 pm #

    I just finished reading, “Water for Elephants” and it was a fun, feel good quick read with some awesome insight.

  79. Brooke 01/28/2011 at 8:44 pm #

    To Kill A Mockingbird
    Just about anything by Poe!
    Mary Called Magdalene

  80. Claire 01/28/2011 at 8:44 pm #

    – The Fuck Up by Arthur Nersesian
    – Microserfs by Douglas Coupland
    – To Kill a Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye are tied…

    Just three?! But I could go on… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • n 01/29/2011 at 12:34 am #

      omg, I LOVE Microserfs! Coupland is so awesome sometimes.

  81. Ellie 01/28/2011 at 8:44 pm #

    1. Don Quixote-Cervantes
    2. Cien aรƒยฑos de soledad-Garcรƒยญa Mรƒยกrquez
    3. A Game of Thrones-George RR Martin

  82. Sarah 01/28/2011 at 8:46 pm #

    Water for Elephants
    The Help
    To Kill a Mockingbird

  83. Jessica 01/28/2011 at 8:49 pm #

    The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
    Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
    The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

  84. megan 01/28/2011 at 8:51 pm #

    The lovely bones
    Little bee

    …..and that’s about it. I’ve read so much but those are the only two I very much enjoyed.

  85. Natalie 01/28/2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Tess of the D’Urbervilles- Thomas Hardy
    War And Peace- Leo Tolstoy
    Tuck Everlasting- Natalie Babbit

  86. Jess 01/28/2011 at 9:11 pm #

    *Catch-22…..Joseph Heller
    * The Constant Gardener…..John le Carre
    *Snow Falling on Cedars…..David Guterson
    *The Grapes of Wrath…..John Steinbeck
    *The Sun Also Rises….Ernest Hemingway
    *Pride & Prejudice….Jane Austen
    *The Beautiful & Damned….F. Scott Fitzgerald
    *The Things They Carried….Tim O’Brien
    *To Build a Fire & The Call of the Wild….Jack London
    *Jane Eyre….Charlotte Bronte
    *As I Lay Dying….William Faulkner
    *War & Peace….Leo Tolstoy
    *House of Mirth….Edith Wharton
    ….i’m somewhat addicted to reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Meghan 01/28/2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Oh boy, BOOKS!!!
    My #1 all time favorite is The Sound And The Fury by Faulkner
    #2 A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
    #3 is Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

    And it was truly hard to pick 3!

  88. Elethea Elbert 01/28/2011 at 9:21 pm #

    1. Phantom Tollboth
    2. Harry Potter Series
    3. The Neverending Story

    • Quincy 01/28/2011 at 9:36 pm #

      Never heard of the first one. I LOVE the Harry Potter Series. And I haven’t ever read The Neverending Story but I loved the movies when I was younger.

  89. Quincy 01/28/2011 at 9:32 pm #

    The Princess Bride
    Side Effects
    Harry Potter

    • Quincy 01/28/2011 at 9:33 pm #

      Oh and anything Joan Bauer.

  90. Brandy Lee 01/28/2011 at 9:34 pm #

    Ooh! Book club!!
    1. Catcher in the Rye
    2. The Tempest
    3. The End of the Affair

  91. Kattie 01/28/2011 at 9:35 pm #

    1. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
    2. Blindness by Jose Saramago
    3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

  92. Cris 01/28/2011 at 9:46 pm #

    Wuthering Heights
    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
    Poetry by Carlos Drummond de Andrade (a brazillian poet!)

  93. Megan 01/28/2011 at 9:50 pm #

    The Bell Jar, The Great Gatsby, Sense and Sensibility

  94. Jasmine 01/28/2011 at 9:54 pm #

    Wuthering Heights, Queen of Camelot, Memoirs of a Geisha

  95. Heather White 01/28/2011 at 10:08 pm #

    After You’d Gone
    The Thief of Always

  96. Bluus 01/28/2011 at 10:11 pm #

    The Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien
    Watership Down – Richard Adams
    The Grey King (actually, all of The Dark is Rising Sequence is awesome) – Susan Cooper

  97. amber 01/28/2011 at 10:15 pm #

    Only 3? Lamb (Christopher Moore), Jemima J, The Time Traveler’s Wife.

  98. Stephanie 01/28/2011 at 10:27 pm #

    A random three selections of my favorite books: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block, and Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut

  99. Sidney 01/28/2011 at 10:42 pm #

    1. Crescent by Diana Abu Jaber
    2. A Slipping Down Life by Anne Tyler
    3. The Desert Rose by Larry McMurtry

  100. Melissa 01/28/2011 at 10:46 pm #

    The Time Traveler’s Wife
    Good in Bed – Weiner
    Pride & Prejudice – Austen

  101. Kirsty 01/28/2011 at 10:51 pm #

    1. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, 2. Looking for Alaska by John Green, and 3. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. But… that’s only for right this second. That list changes more often than I change my outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. kim 01/28/2011 at 10:54 pm #

    the adventures of huckelberry finn
    one flew over the cuckoos nest
    brave new world

  103. Ashley 01/28/2011 at 11:05 pm #

    1. Harry Potter series
    2. The Incarnations of Immortality Series by Piers Anthony
    3. Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

  104. Jacquelyn 01/28/2011 at 11:37 pm #

    Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close; Lucia, Lucia; Catching in the Rye. ๐Ÿ™‚ And about a million others…

  105. Kelsey 01/28/2011 at 11:48 pm #

    Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, The Marzipan Pig by Russell Hoban.

  106. Jen 01/28/2011 at 11:57 pm #

    Where the Red Fern Grows (I don’t care if it’s for kids, it’s just so good)

    The Harry Potter series

    The Time Traveller’s Wife

  107. Mix 01/29/2011 at 12:02 am #

    I study children’s lit, so my favorite children’s lit books are:
    Madeleine L’Engle’s Kairos
    Un Lun Dun by China Mieville (brilliant deconstruction of whiteness, orientalism, and commodification.)
    Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan.
    Loving the recommendations so far!

  108. Ellie 01/29/2011 at 12:08 am #

    Ahhh picking only three is difficult!
    1. Brave New World
    2. Northanger Abbey
    3. The Series of Unfortunate Events (every time I read them, I find more allusions!)

    I can’t wait! Book clubs are so lovely.

  109. Elysse 01/29/2011 at 12:33 am #

    I have way too many favourites to pick just three, but aside from Harry Potter, and all books written by John Green:
    – The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky
    – Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut
    – The Elegance of the Hedgehog – Muriel Barbery

  110. Courtney 01/29/2011 at 1:56 am #

    I have the most difficult time picking favorite anything. A lot of really great books are listed already, so here’s a few new ones:
    The Thirteenth Tale – Diane Setterfield
    The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova
    The Secret of Lost Things – Sheridan Hay

    • Anel 01/30/2011 at 9:31 am #

      now im reading The historian!!!!…again! its such a good book!!!!

  111. Kristin 01/29/2011 at 4:19 am #

    Most beloved books amongst a thousands:
    Very favourite number one book: The perks of being a wallflower, by Steven Chbosky
    second: Smillas sense of snow, by Peter Hoeg
    and: The reader by Bernhard Schlink

  112. Emily 01/29/2011 at 5:24 am #

    The Harry Potter books (Obviously!)

    Everything by Stephen Lawhead (I love my fantasy)

    Everything by Ted Dekker

    (I think its funny that no one mentioned the Twilight series. he he he)

    • ktkat 01/31/2011 at 9:54 am #

      Lol, what an astute observation!
      I’m also glad to see Modcloth fans with good taste in books as well as fashion!

  113. Anna 01/29/2011 at 6:33 am #

    a confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole

    blindness by josรƒยฉ saramago

    the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera

  114. Kat 01/29/2011 at 7:24 am #

    All time fave: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Such a beautiful, tender, heart-breaking book.
    Best kept secret of the book world: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. A terrific story, and the writing is so engaging. (Plus, her name is *Dodie*!)
    Non-fiction: Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. An honest, humbling, hilarious essays by an honest, humble, hilarious writer.

  115. Haley W. 01/29/2011 at 9:48 am #

    One of them is the book on the cover! I LOVED Mists of Avalon. Pride and Prejudice is another favorite, and The Thorn Birds!

  116. Georgia 01/29/2011 at 11:09 am #

    Crime and Punishment, (Brothers Karamazov) Dostoevsky
    The Help, Karthryn Stockett

  117. Georgia 01/29/2011 at 11:13 am #

    Anna Karenina, Tolstoy
    Orthodoxy, Chesterton
    The Man who was Thursday, Chesterton
    The Arms Maker of Berlin, Dan Fesperman

  118. jules bright 01/29/2011 at 11:57 am #

    *The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
    *Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
    *The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

  119. Kristen Renee 01/29/2011 at 1:33 pm #

    You’re asking me to pick just 3 books? Goodness! Saw some of my other favorites listed so…
    1. Ghosts of Vesuvius by Charles Pellegrino (my most favorite nonfiction work)
    2. Cast Two Shadows by Ann Rinaldi (favorite young adult author, love all her books)
    3. Sick Puppy by Carl Hiassen (favorite modern author, I enjoy all his novels)

  120. Lauren Scott 01/29/2011 at 2:57 pm #

    My top 3:
    1- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    2- Picture the Dead
    3- Bleak House

  121. Alyssa 01/29/2011 at 3:47 pm #

    Hmmm… It’s hard to say what my top three favorite books are, since I read all the time. I have over 300 books on my GoodReads account! But if I had to choose three, I’d choose:
    -White Oleander
    -The Giver
    -The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)

  122. Meredith 01/29/2011 at 3:49 pm #

    1. The Blood of Flowers, Anita Amirrezvani

    2. Color: A Natural History of the Palette, Victoria Finlay

    3. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

  123. Leah 01/29/2011 at 3:59 pm #

    1. The Gargoyle, Andrew Davidson
    2. Twilight, Stephani Meyers
    3. The Coldest Winter Ever, Sista Souljah

  124. Angela 01/29/2011 at 4:20 pm #

    I Capture the Castle – Dodie Smith
    The Blind Assassin – Margaret Atwood
    The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

  125. Kerri 01/29/2011 at 5:01 pm #

    So difficult to choose 3! … but here goes…

    1. The History of Love – Nicole Krauss (SO BEAUTIFUL.)

    2. Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen

    3. The Thirteenth Tale – Diane Setterfield (Modern, yet classically gothic.)

  126. Yoselin 01/29/2011 at 5:37 pm #

    The Five People You Meet In Heaven

    First They Killed My Father

    Memoirs Of A Geisha

  127. Victoria 01/29/2011 at 6:36 pm #

    “In Cold Blood” – Truman Capote
    “The Things They Carried” – Tim O’Brien
    “Water for Elephants” – Sara Gruen
    “To Kill a Mocking Bird” – Harper Lee
    “The Kite Runner” – Khaled Hosseini
    “The Hundred Secret Senses” – Amy Tan
    “Into the Wild” – Jon Krakauer
    Plus, anything that either J. K. Rowling or Michael Crichton has ever touched…
    and…from when I was younger:
    “A Wrinkle in Time” – Madeleine L’Engle
    “Freak the Mighty” – Rodman Philbrick
    I also liked the “Lioness Rampant” series by Tamora Pierce
    Get reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Victoria 01/29/2011 at 6:37 pm #

      I’m sorry – I couldn’t just choose three!

  128. Marcella 01/29/2011 at 7:23 pm #

    It’s impossible to pick, but some of my favorites:

    Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes- Eleanor Coerr

    Son of Shadows- Juliet Marillier

    The Green Rider Series- Kristen Britain

    … I’m a bit of a fantasy nerd…

  129. Nina 01/29/2011 at 7:31 pm #

    1. We Have Always Lived in the Castle – Shirley Jackson
    2. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte
    3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith

  130. Sunita 01/29/2011 at 7:50 pm #

    The Mists of Avalon
    The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy
    The Outlander Series
    The Pillars of the Earth
    Anything by Alison Weir
    The Wheel of Time Series

    I could go on and on and on!

  131. Jes 01/29/2011 at 8:11 pm #

    1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

    2. This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper

    3. Henry and June by Anais Nin

  132. Crissy 01/29/2011 at 8:30 pm #

    The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

    Venus and Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

    The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess

  133. Veronica 01/29/2011 at 10:33 pm #

    “Read more” was definitely on my list of goals for 2011!! I just finished reading The Red Tent – it was sooo good!!

  134. Jennifer 01/30/2011 at 3:38 am #

    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Gone With the Wind
    Cold Mountain

  135. Anel 01/30/2011 at 9:29 am #

    La sombra del viento – Carlos R. Zafon

    Rayuela – Julio Cortazar

    La isla de los amores infinitos.

  136. beth 01/30/2011 at 12:13 pm #

    My still-favorite books of when I was much younger are
    The Golden Compass- Philip Pullman
    Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind- Suzanne Fisher Staples
    Island of the Blue Dolphins- Scott O’Dell

    Now here are a few of my favorites off the top of my head now that I’m older:
    Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden
    Running With Scissors- Augusten Burroughs
    The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown

  137. Natasha 01/30/2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
    Toni Morrison’s Beloved
    Kurt Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House

    If you guys like J.K. Rowling, check out Terry Pratchett! He seems to be one of her influences. Monstrous Regiment is my favorite.

  138. Katherine 01/30/2011 at 3:37 pm #

    Gosh, just three?
    1. Animal Farm
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    3. Mary, Bloody Mary

  139. jessica 01/30/2011 at 5:13 pm #

    1. The Bell jar
    2. The Tracy Fragments
    3. Invisible Monster

  140. Sarita 01/30/2011 at 6:58 pm #

    I LOVE The Mists of Avalon! I can’t even count how many times I have read it!

    • Kaitlyn 02/01/2011 at 4:39 pm #

      If you love Mists, I really have to suggest Firelord by Parke Godwin. Excellent!

  141. asheslaree 01/30/2011 at 8:31 pm #

    Harry Potter series. (yes, and everyone else too.)

    american gods – neil gaiman, he is a faviorte of mine but thhat book was amazing.

    The Heart is a Lonely Hunter – Carson McCullers. A book I read for lit class that I just loved to death.

    …and whatever the last thing I read was. I love books Ive never meet a book I didnt like unless it was twilight.

  142. Zoe Archer 01/30/2011 at 8:40 pm #

    I’m probably biased because I’m a romance novelist, but I vote for romance! My three favorite authors right now are Julie Anne Long, Meredith Duran and Courtney Milan (with honorable mentions to Carrie Lofty, Shana Abรƒยฉ, Tessa Dare, Ava Gray and Kresley Cole).

  143. Katie faith 01/30/2011 at 8:46 pm #

    1. Water for elephants
    2. The help
    3. Wuthering heights

  144. Meg 01/30/2011 at 10:24 pm #

    Brave New World
    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

    • Anne 01/31/2011 at 11:05 am #

      For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      (So much love for Miss Brodie!)

  145. Courtney 01/30/2011 at 11:59 pm #

    Three favorite books are:

    Pride and Prejudice
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    To Kill a Mockingbird

  146. Kayla 01/31/2011 at 11:30 am #

    The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    Little Women

    The BFG

  147. Susan 01/31/2011 at 12:11 pm #

    -The Great Gatsby
    -Loitering with Intent: The Apprentice

    • Jessica 01/31/2011 at 1:07 pm #

      1. (series) The Dragon Crown Warcycle but Michael A. Stackpole is my absolute favorite
      2. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott
      3. (series) Drizzt Durden by R.A Salvatore

  148. Jessica 01/31/2011 at 1:47 pm #

    The Historian -Elizabeth Kostova
    Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close- Jonathan Safran Foer
    Long Day’s Journey into Night – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Long Day’s Journey Into Night- Eugene O’Neil

  149. Elzinore 01/31/2011 at 4:17 pm #

    I absolutely looooved “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.
    As well as “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo.
    And “God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian” by Kurt Vonnegut.

    And only because I can’t leave this one unmentioned: “Memnoch the Devil” by Anne Rice. Epic.
    Too many favorite books.

  150. Maggie 01/31/2011 at 4:43 pm #

    Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (my favourite Jane Austen, although they are all great)
    The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry (technically a children’s book, but I love it, it’s so old-fashionedy and perfect)
    The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling (I have been rereading them since I was about 7, and I love them more every time)

  151. Thu 01/31/2011 at 7:20 pm #

    “Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade” (a book I stumbled upon because I was judging it by its cover), “I Capture the Castle” (one of the best accounts of subtle sibling rivalry), and “Vile Bodies” (because Evelyn Waugh’s wit is truly under-appreciated)

  152. Lauren 01/31/2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
    And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie
    The Island – Victoria Hislop (Amazing book! Such a great, powerful story. I highly recommend it!!)

  153. Jenny 01/31/2011 at 11:01 pm #

    Pride and Prejudice
    Fahrenheit 451
    The Memoirs of Cleopatra

  154. Theresa W 01/31/2011 at 11:05 pm #

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie

    Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far by Stefan Sagmeister

    The Awakening by Kate Chopin

    …and pretty much every book I read in 6th thru 8th grade. I am a YA book nut!

  155. Natalie 02/01/2011 at 1:51 am #

    The Phantom Tollbooth – Norton Juster

    Musicophilia – Oliver Sacks

    The Life of Pi – Yann Martel

    The Outlander Series – Diana Gabaldon

    Oops, was that 4? My bad.

  156. Joey 02/01/2011 at 12:56 pm #

    this is tough!
    it’s a novella, does that count? “train dreams” by denis johnson so wonderful!

    nine stories-salinger

    the dubliners-joyce.

    i love short fiction as much as i love a great novel.

  157. Lauren 02/01/2011 at 2:28 pm #

    1. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oliver WIlde
    2. Nine Stories, JD Salinger
    3. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

  158. Kaitlyn 02/01/2011 at 4:38 pm #

    1. Firelord by Parke Godwin — has been my favorite book since I was 15. Just amazing.
    2. The Princess Bride by William Goldman — another serious favorite.
    and 3. Till We Have Faces by C.S Lewis

  159. You dress like a librarian 02/02/2011 at 6:16 pm #

    Hard to choose but:
    1. East of Eden
    2. White Teeth
    3. Lady Chatterly’s Lover

    I also love the book Angela is holding (The Mists of Avalon). I reread it every summer- it’s such a good fantasy read!

  160. Megan 02/02/2011 at 6:30 pm #

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

    The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgeson Burnett

  161. Heather 02/05/2011 at 7:30 pm #

    1. Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling
    2. The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
    3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    I love recommendations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. Laurie 02/07/2011 at 9:25 pm #

    1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

    2. House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski

    3. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

    I have so many other favourites, but anything by any of the Bronte sisters is excellent. As is anything by H. P. Lovecraft if horror is more your thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  163. Nicola 02/08/2011 at 12:03 am #

    *Unbearable lightness of being
    *by the river piedra I sat down and wept
    *Harry Potter Series

    I just love reading!!!

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